Re-Issues COLOSSEUM Doom Metal Albums For The USA, under license from Firebox Music, have re-issued all three albums from Finnish doom metal legends, COLOSSEUM. The band are best known for their severely atmospheric and richly depressive doom compositions. Their first album, “Chapter 1: Delirium,” is often heralded as a “must have” for all doom enthusiasts.

The band boasts Juhani Palomaki, of YEARNING fame, on vocals, who sadly passed away in 2010, leading to the band’s departure. In spite of this, all three “chapters” of the band’s career remain as monoliths for the doom metal scene to engage and appreciate to this day.

Now rare and hard-to-find, these three albums are made available again, this time in digipak format with updated art and design. The band’s last album, “Chapter 3: Parasomnia” features all new cover artwork.

All three albums are available for purchase at your local metal-carrying music store, online and at Metalhit: http://metalmaniacs.bigcartel. com/products?search=colosseum

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