Ectovoid – Fractured In The Timeless Abyss

Fractured In The Timless Abyss
Released: May 2012
Death Metal/ Black Metal
Released via Hellthrasher Productions

‘Fractured In The Timeless Abyss’ is the debut album from Resurgency’s “label-mates”, the American death metal band Ectovoid.

Straight from the opening riff of ‘Transcend Into the Moonless Night’ it’s clear that this is brutal death metal. The vocals are the stereotypical, Morbid Angel -style guttural growls whilst the guitars have a certain dry, droning quality about it which is similar to Autopsy. This pretty much sets tone and the overall pace for the rest of the album where each track offers more of the same, skilfully executed but ultimately average sounding death metal.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing particularly bad about it. There’s some good tracks on here such as: ‘Dark Clouds of Conciousness’ which draws the attention towards the drums and the somewhat bizarrely named ‘Chewing Through the Membranes of Time and Space’ which features some thrash metal guitar solos making it stand out. Another noteworthy track is the Autopsy-esque, death metal-meets-doom with hits of thrash metal ‘Locked In Dismal Gaze’. Then there’s some surprises such as the short, piano ending to ‘Splintered Phantasm’.

Overall, the main issue here is that there’s really not much variation between the songs.


Iza Raittila

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