Sanguinary Misanthropia – Loathe Over Will

Band: Sanguinary Misanthropia
Album: Loathe Over Will
Release date: June/July 2012
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Supremacy Through Intolerance

‘Loathe Over Will’ is the long anticipated debut album from the Australian black metal band Sanguinary Misanthropia. It is the follow-up to last year’s strictly limited edition, cassette-only EP ‘Et Lux Perpetual Luceat Eis’.

The opening track ‘Revelations 16: 4-6 (Ritual Opening)’ has a somewhat slow, atmospheric black metal verging on doom metal, feel to it due to the drony guitar riffs and guttural vocals. Do not let this fool you into thinking that the rest of the album is going to be like this though, as the next track ‘Devil Everlasting’ features some fast, 1349-esque pummeling guitar riffs and structures akin to ‘Blood and Vomit’-era Nattefrost. This combined the aforementioned eerie, guttural black metal vocals makes for a very disturbing atmosphere.

This sets the tone for the rest of the album as the subsequent tracks offer more pummeling with the exception of the title track ‘Loathe Over Will’, which has a slower tempo at the start but then speed picks up later on. Highlights include the nihilistic black metal anthem ‘The Spirit of the Lord Strives not with Man because He is of the Flesh’ and the bleak-sounding, ferocious ‘The Unholy Sun Rises on the Evil’.

Overall this album requires a bit of patience from the listener as the tracks tend to rather lengthy but rest assured they are worth the wait.


Iza Raittila

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