Burning Shadows – Gather, Darkness!

Band: Burning Shadows
Album: Gather, Darkness!
Release date: June 2012
Genre: Heavy Metal / Power Metal
Label: Self-released

‘Gather, Darkness!’ is the second full-length release from the American power metal band Burning Darkness. It is the follow up to the 2010 EP ‘Oathbreaker’ and it is a concept album inspired by the science fiction novel of the same name by Fritz Leiber.

The symphonic, orchestral intro to the instrumental ‘Overture: Hymn to Sathanas’ reminds me of the opening credits to a movie. It’s only when the guitars kick in at the start of ‘A Thousand Lies: A New Dark Age’ that you’re reminded of the fact that this is still a metal album. The singer sounds he’s reciting a story rather than singing; then again this is based on a book afterall so maybe this was the idea…

The guitar work is good and combined with the Iron Maiden / Iced Earth-style vocals it produces some pleasant sounding results, such as the catchy chorus and guitar solos in ‘A Thousand Lies: Onward’. Now I’m guessing, based on the names of the tracks, that several of them are connected to each other – for instance ‘To Ruin & Divide: The Witchmark’ sounds like the start of a four-part chapter which ends with the power metal ballad ‘To Ruin & Divide: Kingdoms Fall’. In this particular sequence ‘To Ruin & Divide: Man From Myth’ is the most memorable due to its skillfully executed guitar riffs and atmospheric moments.

Other noteworthy tracks include the slow, acoustic-sounding ‘Breaking the Sanctuary: Abandonment’ which proves that the band know how to maintain the right balance between fast, catchy power metal and epic power ballads and the catchy finale that is ‘Breaking the Sanctuary: The Infamous Dawn’.


Iza Raittila

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