Warriors Of Metal Fest Reveals Promo Video and Charity Mission For The 2012 Show

Amelia, Ohio.  May 11,  2012.  Warriors of Metal, Inc. has revealed its 2012 Promo Video for  Warriors Of Metal Fest V Open Air produced by the vocalist & guitarist of the Brazilian Thrash Metal band, MACHINAGE for Warriors of Metal, Inc. organizers to help promote the show online. The video is available at this location.
Furthermore, the organization has issued the following statement regarding their charitable effort for this year’s festivities:

Since  Warriors of Metal, Inc. is a registered non-profit organization in the  state of Ohio and we are dedicated to education and proliferation of  Metal music as well as charitable service to our greater Metal family  and community, we would like to announce that for this year’s charity  project we will be collecting money at the festival to donate to our  Metal brother, Brian Bond who plays in the Thursday, June 28th Pre-Fest  Showcase band KLNZR.  Brian recently lost his home to a fire and  although everybody in the family is fine, they did lose some pets in the  process of trying to escape the blaze.  Brian and his family are in  temporary housing now and we will be  making a collection during the Fest to help them out.  Additionally, our friend, Fabio Delibo of the Brazilian Thrash Metal  band, MACHINAGE, has stated “We from Machinage are very saddened to hear  about Brian Bond’s home having been destroyed in a fire, and since we  can’t help just by our hands, we are willing to try to collect as much  money as we can in all the gigs we are going to play in our month long  US Tour this summer in order to help Brian and his family.”  The 2012  Machinage US Tour starts at Worcester, Massachusetts, goes as far north  as Burlington, Vermont, as far south as New Orleans, Louisiana, and as  far west as Kansas City, Missouri.  We at Warriors of Metal, Inc.  applaud Machinage’s pledge and shall do our best to help them raise even  more money for the Bond family and this worthy cause during our 5th  year anniversary show this summer.

Tickets for the festival are on sale at http://www. warriorsofmetalfest.com.  Weekend passes for adults (17 & up) are just $50 and Weekend  4-Packs for adults (group of 4 people) are only $40 per person.  Adult  single day tickets are $30 for each day and $25 per person in a 4-Pack  for a single day ticket.  4-Pack tickets are NOT available at the gate  and need to be purchased in advance.  Teenager tickets (11-16) are only  $15 for the whole weekend, Friday only or Saturday only.  Kids under 11  get in for free.  Ticket buyers can also pre-order their Fest T-shirts  (that have the above designs on the front and the Fest Poster on the  back) at the time of their ticket purchase.
For any  and all Fest information please visit http://www. warriorsofmetalfest.com and for all updates visit http://www.facebook.com/ warriorsofmetal

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