Atretic Intestine – Encased

Band: Atretic Intestine
Album: Encased
Release date: May 2012
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Inverse Records

‘Encased’ is the debut album from the Finnish death metal band Atretic Intestine. It is the follow up to last year’s EP ‘Human Ravagery’.

Now based on the band name and song titles like ‘Cuntgrinder’ and ‘As My Body Rots’ I’m guessing that these guys like their Cannibal Corpse. Gore and death metal tend to go together pretty well most of the time so let’s hope it’s the case here too.

Just a few seconds in to the intro of the opening track ‘Foreskin Mask’ and you know that this is going to be one of those stereotypical gore-themed death metal albums. There’s the signature death metal growls and the Cannibal Corpse / Six Feet Under / (insert other famous gore-themed death band name here) vocal style. The drum work is solid as it pounds its way through each track offering more of the same old school death metal. Some of the songs such as ‘Cannibal Breed’ breed might feature the odd Morbid Angel style guitar riff but the homage to the gore death metal masters Cannibal Corpse is unmistakable.

Other noteworthy tracks include the Morbid Angel-esque ‘Deadlift’, the thrash metal infused ‘Enforcement of Natural Selection’ and the aforementioned short but gloriously gory death metal track that is ‘Cuntgrinder’ which features an introduction from the band.

Overall this is a promising death metal debut which I would recommend to fans of Cannibal Corpse.


Iza Raittila

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