Forthcoming NEVER TO ARISE Release, Hacked to Perfection, Now Streaming At

Hacked to Perfection, from Floridian death metal duo NEVER TO ARISE, is now streaming in its entirety at To experience this visceral and bloodied slab of pure death metal fury before its May 15th releasedate on badGod Music, visit
The duo of Gordon Denhart and Michael Kilborn, collectively known as NEVER TO ARISE, couldn’t care less about being trendy. Their brand of “Blood and Guts” Death Metal  combines musicality with brutality, featuring catchy riffing, hard  hitting rhythms, violent lyrics and quality lead guitar work. Denhart  and Killborn joined forces to discharge such an aurally crippling and  melodic barrage of sound that a first listen without the proper  preparation the audience may be left bereft of all sense and helpless. A  brutal musical concoction that exemplifies not only the pureness of  what Death Metal should be but what lies ahead for the future of the  genre. Hacked To Perfection is at its core a release that is thematically and musically grounded in  the ugliness, brutality and finality of death. Let the hacking begin  and then contact

“…A brutal, vicious, and even technically progressive melodic death metal  act capable of creating a heavy atmosphere of quality traditional  thunder!” –
“This album is a pure riff-fest of elaborately garnished riffs accompanied with delicate song writing and technical proficiency, which  can all easily rage like violent storms over a mosh pit.”  – Lacerated Metal ‘Zine


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