Ashentide – Ashentide EP

Band: Ashentide
Album: Ashentide EP
Release date: July 2011
Genre: Symphonic / Gothic Metal
Label: Self-released

‘Ashentide’ is the self-titled debut EP from the American gothic metal band of the same name.

Judging from the front cover and the symphonic keyboard intro to ‘Homelands’ I’m guessing this is going to sound like Nightwish. And lo and behold, it does! Ok, so the singer isn’t exactly what I would call operatic, unless you count some of the high notes of ‘Ondine’s Curse’ but the similarity is unmistakable. Now there’s nothing physically wrong with the music itself, the guitars, drums, keyboards and vocals are all performed by skilled musicians.

The only problem there is nothing to make Ashentide stand out from a sea of female fronted gothic metal bands. It’s an overcrowed market and these guys are a late arrival. I wish them the best of luck!


Iza Raittila

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