Dead Summer Society – Visions From A Thousand Lives

Band: Dead Summer Society
Album: Visions From A Thousand Lives
Release date: February 2012
Genre: Gothic Doom Metal
Label: Self-released

‘Visions From A Thousand Lives’ is the debut album from the Italian gothic doom metal solo project Dead Summer Society, founded by the multi-instrumentalist Mist.

The slow, sombre violin infused piano/keyboard intro to ‘Explicit’ is exactly what you would expect to hear from a gothic doom metal band. By the second track ‘I Met You In Heaven and Hell’ you can hear the vocals and the guitar which add to the eerie atmosphere. The vocals are an interesting mixture of clean My Dying Bride style singing, spoken narrative, growls and even a duet with a female singer. Luckily for Dead Summer Society, it’s a mixture that seems to work, at least most of the time.

Acoustic-sounding guitars also seem to be present on some of the tracks including ‘Shadow I Bear’ where they complement the piano. The lengthy, atmospheric ballad ‘The King’s Alone’ sounds like it could have been written by My Dying Bride as both the structure and the overall feel of the song are very similar. There’s also elements of dark ambient on here such as the eerie, melancholic piano intros to ‘Down On You’ and ‘Her White Body, From the Coldest Winter’ where the narrative adds to the haunting atmosphere make this one of the album’s highlights.

Some of the tracks like the aforementioned ‘Down On You’ display one of the album’s major weaknesses, the female vocals which are barely audible at times and what seems like a struggle for the singer on other occasions. Overall this is a very promising gothic doom metal debut and one which I would whole-heartedly recommend to fans of My Dying Bride.


Iza Raittila

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