Marauder – Elegy of Blood

Band: Marauder
Album: Elegy of Blood
Release date: May 2012
Genre: Heavy Metal / Power Metal
Label: Pitch Black Records

‘Elegy of Blood’ is the fifth album from the legendary Greek metal band Marauder. This year is an important one for Marauder as it marks the 22nd anniversary of their existence as well as their new record label deal with Pitch Black Records.

If the short but epic sounding title track ‘Elegy of Blood’ is anything to go by, this war-themed album fits somewhere between heavy metal and epic power metal. With ‘Great War’ come the Judas Priest style squeaks mixed in with some thrash metal guitar riffs, solos and a cheesy chorus. Then the vocals change on ‘Alexander’ to a style more akin to Iron Maiden complete with classic heavy metal guitar riffs which make this a better song than its predecessor.

This pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the album as the subsequent tracks continue with the same pattern each telling its own story of fallen heroes and past battles. The squeaky vocals do resurface again from time to time e.g. half way through ‘Roman Empire’ and in parts of ‘Black Gold’ but it’s never enough for them to dominate an entire song. Noteworthy tracks include the energetic, guitar-driven instrumental ‘Hiroshima’ and the sombre, heavy metal ballad ‘Mother’ which sees a softer approach to the vocals. There’s also the fast, technical sounding ‘Crusader’ which is the first to bring the attention, albeit temporarily, away from the guitars and towards the drums.


Iza Raittila

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