Bad King – Roll Me Over [Single]

Band: Bad King
Single: Roll Me Over
Release date: 14th March 2011
Genre: pop/rock
Label: self-released


Bad King is a Finnish band that walks the borderline between rock and pop, although it seems the correct definition of their music is “sex rock”, given the nature of the lyrics. I’ll stick to pop/rock, as there are already too many genres without us focusing on the lyrical contents.

Formed in late 2008 and having performed on several stages in their hometown area, “Roll Me Over” is yet just another independent single, for which they’ve just released a video a few weeks ago. Like “Lose It”, it’s not a promo for an upcoming debut album.

So, the title-track of this single has a really pop rhythm that becomes catchy after you listen to it a couple of times – not just the chorus but the whole beats & riffs combo. And Juuso Suominen has a pleasant voice, even though it’s not exactly extraordinary. The rock part comes in the sharp guitar solo of Vesku Paasivaara.

The “B-side”, “Sweet And Charming”, starts with a cranky guitar and a faster speed – after some French words spoken in a sexy female voice – but then engages in a poppish rhythm, a little less appealing. But then again, there’s a reason why B sides don’t make it to A.

Bottom line is, if you’re into this kind of music, you probably should check these guys out. I still think it’s quite an overstatement to say that their “groovy and melodic music will make you experience an eargasm”, but self-flattery isn’t a crime.


Renata “Pieni” Lino

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