Arrayan Path – Ira Imperium

Band: Arrayan Path
Album: Ira Imperium
Release date: November 2011
Genre: Epic Power Metal
Label: Pitch Black Records

‘Ira Imperium’ is the third album from Cypriot/American power metal band Arrayan Path. It is a follow up to the 2010 album ‘Terra Incognita’ and features guest appearances by Tony Martin (ex- Black Sabbath) and Sanvoisen’s Vagelis Maranis.

So what do we have here? Epic power metal and what looks like an ancient Egyptian theme, at least based on the cover art. Makes a change from the usual knights and dragons scenario…

Judging by the symphonic, movie soundtrack-esque intro to ‘Dies Irae’, the ‘epic’ tag seems to fit the band like a glove. The vocals and guitar riffs are exactly what you would expect to hear from a power metal band. ‘Gnosis of Prometheus’ is a good example of the catchy, festival-friendly metal ballad which this album seems to have in abundance. There’s some Egyptian/Middle Eastern touches mixed in with other instruments on some of the tracks e.g. the intro to ‘Kiss of Kali’ and the chorus to ‘Hollow Eyes of Nefertiti’.

Surprises include the somewhat melancholic sounding ‘Katherine of Aragon’ and ‘Lost Ithaca’ which make me think of Iced Earth for some reason. Good thing that the next track ’77 Days til Doomsday’, which features some Catamenia-esque riffage, is both faster and more cheerful in nature making one of the album’s highlights. The only problem with most of the tracks is that they do not seem to differ much from each other.


Iza Raittila

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