Steeltrooper – Eternal Warrior

Band: Steeltropper
Album: Eternal Warrior
Release date: November 2011
Genre: Melodic Thrash Metal / Power Metal
Label: LzR Audio Engineering

Now with a massive dragon on the front cover, a reference to ‘steel’ in the band name and ‘Eternal Warrior’ as the album title this could only be one of two things. Power metal or ultra catchy / cheesy thrash metal… and so it is. ‘Eternal Warrior’ is the debut album from the British melodic thrash metal band Steeltrooper.

The rather lengthy opening track ‘Enter the Dragon’ has an atmospheric intro which later gives in to a some very catchy guitar solos. If this doesn’t make you want to head-bang and hit the mosh-pits then there’s something wrong you. With the title track ‘Eternal Warrior’ came the ultra catchy (read cheesy) Dragonforce-esque, power metal guitars and lyrics about warriors and victory. Now if that’s not a clear sign of a power metal influence I don’t know what is!

The guitars and squeeks in the intro at ‘Night Prowler’ make me think of ‘Painkiller’ -era Judas Priest but the vocals are more akin to the likes of Iron Maiden. Once again the guitar solos are super catchy and the lyrics are so cheesy you can’t help but sing along. Same goes for ‘Patroller’. Other noteworthy tracks include the ballad ‘Silent Rage’, the hilarious sounding ‘The Truth About Heartbreak’, which comes complete with the compulsory guitar masturbation; and head-banger friendly ‘Ashes to Dust’.

4/5 – nothing like a bit of cheesy power metal on a sunny day!

Iza Raittila

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