Havoc Unit – HI.V +

Band: Havoc Unit
Album: HI.V +
Release date: February 2008
Genre: Industrial Black Metal
Label: Firebox Records

‘HI.V+ (Hoarse Industrial Viremia)’ is the debut album from the Finnish industrial black metal band Havoc Unit. The band originally started out under the name …And Oceans before changing their name and shifting their style from symphonic black metal to industrial / experimental black metal.

The fist thing you notice about this album before even listening to it is just how complicated the song titles are. I wonder what their fans shout out at their gigs… Could you play ‘When Children Are No Longer Enough [C.oitus O.rgasm C.atholic K.ids]’ or ‘Kyrie Eleison [Totalitarian Libertarianism]’ ?

The opening track ‘مبيد الد[Vermicide]’ is definitely what most people who class as experimental mostly due to the random muslim prayer -speech samples and industrial machine noises. Luckily there’s some atmospheric black metal in here as well; once you get past the initial cacophony, you get something resembling Anaal Nathrakh. ‘I.esus [The Liturgy of Inhumanity]’ offers more of the same, only this time the muslim prayer samples have been replaced with what sounds like an old horror movie soundtrack.

The aforementioned ‘When Children Are No Longer Enough [C.oitus O.rgasm C.atholic K.ids]’ features some somewhat weird sounds including something akin to that of a lathe when you push the chisel into the wood a bit too hard, and a children’s music box along with more random speech samples. It’s a shame in a way because the black metal, once you get to it, is actually quite good at times, the overall speed of the music, guitar style and vocals remind me of ‘Hell is Empty…’ -era Anaal Nathrakh or V:28, particularly on tracks such as ‘Generation Genocide [Humanitarian Vivisection]’.

Other noteworthy tracks include the atmospheric, Vesania-esque title track ‘Virema [Regime HIV +] which, like many of its predecessors, also features the signature random distorted speech samples; the eerie sample infused ‘Nihil [Operation Blitzkrieg]’ and ‘Man vs Flesh [Structured Suicide]’ laced with samples and programming. The melodic instrumental’ Kristallnacht [From Revolution to Reconstruction]’ is the biggest surprise on here, it’s strangely soothing despite the sounds of something burning in the background.

3.5 – for the metal, 2 – for the experimental noise

Iza Raittila

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