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Warriors Of Metal Pre-Fest Showcase Lineup and Location Announced

Posted in News on 31st May 2012 by markssonofjorvik

Amelia, OH, May 31,  2012.  Warriors of Metal, Inc. is excited to announce the lineup and  location of Warriors Of Metal Fest V Open Air’s Pre-Fest Showcase to  take place on Thursday, June 28th at The Shrunken Head Rock Club at 251  West 5th Avenue in Columbus, OH.  Doors open at 7:00 pm and the show  starts at 8:00 pm.  Ticket price for this engagement is just $10,  available only at the  door.

In order of appearance, the participating bands are as follows:  Youngstown, OH Power Tharash Metal band MeteorFall will kickstart the show, followed by Marietta, OH’s KLNZR.  Chillicothe, OH veterans of WOM Fest I, II & IV, Age Of Distrust (AOD) will keep the audience warm for the “Massachusetts Metal Invasion of Ohio” which will be initiated by Worcester, MA’s Skull Hammer playing direct support to the former Metal Blade recording artists and headliner of the night, Ravage.  Carbondale, IL’s ZüüL will keep the energy high and last but not least, Framingham, MA’s Speed Metallers of Seax will bring the night to a high octane conclusion.

All attendees shall receive a raffle ticket at the door for a drawing of a “Bag  O’Metal” prize at the end of the show.

Tickets for Warriors Of Metal Fest V Open Air are still available at but June 28th is the last day for the purchase of discounted advanced  tickets online.  For any information regarding the festival please visit  the Fest website above or

ABORYM to record new album in October

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ABORYM will enter the studio in October to record their sixth album, the follow-up to Psychogrotesque. The new album will be released in early 2013 through Agonia Records. Title, track-list, guests and tons of important details about the new release will be revealed soon. The band is also working on a special song in order to celebrate the anniversary of the first 20 years of the band’s career, an assembly of riffs, ideas, lyrics, loops, grooves sent by fans. Furthermore, a big fan-wall poster is under construction, with hundreds of photos from the fans. You’ll find all the infos and restrictions on sending audio and visual material inside the fan area section on

Ephel Duath premier new song via Lambgoat!

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Premiere track from Ephel Duath’s upcoming EP, On Death and Cosmos, is streaming exclusively at! The track is available for listening here.

After fulfilling their contract with Earache Records in 2009, Italian progressive metal band Ephel Duath disappeared for a bit. In 2011, songwriter and guitarist Davide Tiso announced that he had assembled a new Ephel Duath line-up and signed a deal with Agonia Records. Boasting a formidable roster of Tiso, vocalist Karyn Crisis, bassist Steve DiGiorgio (Death, Autopsy, Testament), and drummer extraordinaire Marco Minnemann (Adrian Belew, Necrophagist, Kreator), Ephel Duath hit the studio to record a new EP titled On Death and Cosmos.


SEXCREMENT’s Sloppy Seconds Out Now Via Comatose Music

Posted in News on 30th May 2012 by markssonofjorvik

Sloppy Seconds. the newest platter of perversion from Massachusetts’  miscreants of monolithic death groove Sexcrement is out now via Comatose Music.  Mixed by Eliot Bayless  (Revocation) and mastered at New Alliance East (Converge, Trap Them),  this album serves up a full frontal assault of brutally colossal, yet  rockin’ heaviness, marinted in all things perverse & taboo.  With  their sophomore release, these depraved bottom feeders (vocalist Adam  Mason, bassist Blue Spinazola, drummer Devon Hunt and guitarist Evan  Duplessis) have crafted their finest display of disgusting devastation  to date. The album is available for purchase at this location.

This is music Buffalo Bill fucks hard to when applying lotion to his skin… [9/10] – Nefarious Realms
Florida-style death metal with a little thrash, a little death ‘n’ roll,  and a lot of . . . deviance. It also includes a dash of grind, a dose  of d-beat, a sprinkling of slam, and a fistful of groove. It’s  fast-paced and in-your-face and as headbang material goes, it’s aces. – No Clean Singing
To  add to the excitement, the band alongside underground filmmaker Victor  Bonacore/Chainsaw Kiss Productions has recently debuted the video for the  first single, ‘Trucker Bombed.’  Starring legendary horror scream queen  Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead, Silent Night Deadly Night)  the video is a urine soaked journey into the darker side of addiction  complete with Ms. Quigley’s signature mix of camp and downright fright  to seal the deal.  Make sure to watch for cameos from members of Origin,  Revocation & more. (Video Link)
These  extreme metal debutantes are primed and ready to take advantage of you  in 2012 and beyond.  Make sure to check them out on their ‘West Coast  Penetration’ tour this June, and look for their new (Trojan) magnum opus  cumming soon!

Fri June 15 – Cheyenne Saloon – Las Vegas, NV (LV Deathfest)
Sat June 16 – Cheyenne Saloon – Las Vegas, NV (LV Deathfest)
Sun June 17 – TBA – Reno, NV
Mon June 18 – On the Y – Sacramento, CA
Tue June 19 – TBA – Oakland, CA
Wed June 20 – The Workshop – Ceres, CA
Thu June 21 – Suzy’s – Hermonsa Beach, CA
Fri June 22 – Shakedown Bar – San Diego, CA
Sat June 23 – TBA – Phoenix, AZ

Wodensthrone – Curse

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Released: April 2012
Black Metal
Released via Candlelight Records

‘Curse’ is the second album from the British heathen black metal band Wodensthrone. It is the follow-up to their 2009 debut ‘Loss’.

Don’t let the slow, acoustic intro fool you into thinking that Wodensthrone have done an Enslaved-like move switching their style towards a more progressive style of black metal. As ‘Jormungadr’ demonstrates, Wodensthrone are still very much engrossed in their unique brand of atmospheric black metal. Comparisons to Drudkh spring to mind combined the atmospheric elements from Graveland. This particular song features some clear vocals towards the end which act as a kind of hymn or chant.

Most of the tracks are lengthy, clocking in at over 6 minutes but luckily the listener’s patience is handsomely rewarded. Take ‘First Light’ for instance, it features a soothing, folk-esque melody half-way through the track in which the guitars slow down to match the overall tone before a return to atmospheric black metal. ‘The Great Darkness’ sees a brief change in the vocal style from black metal to what sounds like someone reciting or telling a story. Oddly enough this doesn’t impair the track at all but rather it gives in a certain ‘mythical quality’.

Other noteworthy tracks include: ‘Battle Lines’ which features a Graveland-esque intro resembling ancient battle formations marching on one another and ‘The Storm’ which combines ferocity with ambience.


Iza Raittila

Fimbul Festival headliner announced

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FimbulFestEinhenjar have been announced to headline Fimbul Festival, with support from acts such as Graveworm, Secrets of the Moon, Vreid and Nothgard.

This is the fourth installment of the festival, which started in 2009 and is already proving to be one of Europe’s fastest growing metal festivals.

Weekend tickets are just 29.90€. Day tickets are also available at 17.90 and 19.90€.


For more info and news, head over to the Fimbul Festival

Schattenlicht – Erinnerung

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Due for release: July 2011
Black Metal
Seelengreif Klangwelten

‘Erinnerung’ is the debut EP from the Austrian black metal band Schattenlicht.

The opening track/intro ‘Am Abgrund’ can be summed up in a few words as eerie, slow and melancholic which is quite befitting for black metal. With ‘Ein Blick die Tiefe’ come the guitars and the standard, guttural black metal, Mayhem-style vocals. The overall mood, however, stays the same maintaining the eerie atmosphere even when the guitar picks up the pace adapting a somewhat more catchy style.

The title track ‘Erinnerung’ has a deceptively slow, soft guitar intro which then gives in to more black metal. This particular song has some melodic undertones, especially in the guitars which remind of old Gorgoroth or possibly even Satyricon at times. Another noteworthy track is the Ragnarok-esque ‘Gefangen’ which, once again, draws attention towards the guitars with a few solos added to the mix. The biggest surprise on here is ‘Frei’ which has a very long, slow guitar intro akin to that of the title track before a return to black metal although on this particular song the guitars sound disjointed at times.

3.5/5 – definitely a step in the right direction.

Iza Raittila