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Warriors Of Metal Pre-Fest Showcase Lineup and Location Announced

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Amelia, OH, May 31,  2012.  Warriors of Metal, Inc. is excited to announce the lineup and  location of Warriors Of Metal Fest V Open Air’s Pre-Fest Showcase to  take place on Thursday, June 28th at The Shrunken Head Rock Club at 251  West 5th Avenue in Columbus, OH.  Doors open at 7:00 pm and the show  starts at 8:00 pm.  Ticket price for this engagement is just $10,  available only at the  door.

In order of appearance, the participating bands are as follows:  Youngstown, OH Power Tharash Metal band MeteorFall will kickstart the show, followed by Marietta, OH’s KLNZR.  Chillicothe, OH veterans of WOM Fest I, II & IV, Age Of Distrust (AOD) will keep the audience warm for the “Massachusetts Metal Invasion of Ohio” which will be initiated by Worcester, MA’s Skull Hammer playing direct support to the former Metal Blade recording artists and headliner of the night, Ravage.  Carbondale, IL’s ZüüL will keep the energy high and last but not least, Framingham, MA’s Speed Metallers of Seax will bring the night to a high octane conclusion.

All attendees shall receive a raffle ticket at the door for a drawing of a “Bag  O’Metal” prize at the end of the show.

Tickets for Warriors Of Metal Fest V Open Air are still available at but June 28th is the last day for the purchase of discounted advanced  tickets online.  For any information regarding the festival please visit  the Fest website above or

ABORYM to record new album in October

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ABORYM will enter the studio in October to record their sixth album, the follow-up to Psychogrotesque. The new album will be released in early 2013 through Agonia Records. Title, track-list, guests and tons of important details about the new release will be revealed soon. The band is also working on a special song in order to celebrate the anniversary of the first 20 years of the band’s career, an assembly of riffs, ideas, lyrics, loops, grooves sent by fans. Furthermore, a big fan-wall poster is under construction, with hundreds of photos from the fans. You’ll find all the infos and restrictions on sending audio and visual material inside the fan area section on

Ephel Duath premier new song via Lambgoat!

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Premiere track from Ephel Duath’s upcoming EP, On Death and Cosmos, is streaming exclusively at! The track is available for listening here.

After fulfilling their contract with Earache Records in 2009, Italian progressive metal band Ephel Duath disappeared for a bit. In 2011, songwriter and guitarist Davide Tiso announced that he had assembled a new Ephel Duath line-up and signed a deal with Agonia Records. Boasting a formidable roster of Tiso, vocalist Karyn Crisis, bassist Steve DiGiorgio (Death, Autopsy, Testament), and drummer extraordinaire Marco Minnemann (Adrian Belew, Necrophagist, Kreator), Ephel Duath hit the studio to record a new EP titled On Death and Cosmos.


SEXCREMENT’s Sloppy Seconds Out Now Via Comatose Music

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Sloppy Seconds. the newest platter of perversion from Massachusetts’  miscreants of monolithic death groove Sexcrement is out now via Comatose Music.  Mixed by Eliot Bayless  (Revocation) and mastered at New Alliance East (Converge, Trap Them),  this album serves up a full frontal assault of brutally colossal, yet  rockin’ heaviness, marinted in all things perverse & taboo.  With  their sophomore release, these depraved bottom feeders (vocalist Adam  Mason, bassist Blue Spinazola, drummer Devon Hunt and guitarist Evan  Duplessis) have crafted their finest display of disgusting devastation  to date. The album is available for purchase at this location.

This is music Buffalo Bill fucks hard to when applying lotion to his skin… [9/10] – Nefarious Realms
Florida-style death metal with a little thrash, a little death ‘n’ roll,  and a lot of . . . deviance. It also includes a dash of grind, a dose  of d-beat, a sprinkling of slam, and a fistful of groove. It’s  fast-paced and in-your-face and as headbang material goes, it’s aces. – No Clean Singing
To  add to the excitement, the band alongside underground filmmaker Victor  Bonacore/Chainsaw Kiss Productions has recently debuted the video for the  first single, ‘Trucker Bombed.’  Starring legendary horror scream queen  Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead, Silent Night Deadly Night)  the video is a urine soaked journey into the darker side of addiction  complete with Ms. Quigley’s signature mix of camp and downright fright  to seal the deal.  Make sure to watch for cameos from members of Origin,  Revocation & more. (Video Link)
These  extreme metal debutantes are primed and ready to take advantage of you  in 2012 and beyond.  Make sure to check them out on their ‘West Coast  Penetration’ tour this June, and look for their new (Trojan) magnum opus  cumming soon!

Fri June 15 – Cheyenne Saloon – Las Vegas, NV (LV Deathfest)
Sat June 16 – Cheyenne Saloon – Las Vegas, NV (LV Deathfest)
Sun June 17 – TBA – Reno, NV
Mon June 18 – On the Y – Sacramento, CA
Tue June 19 – TBA – Oakland, CA
Wed June 20 – The Workshop – Ceres, CA
Thu June 21 – Suzy’s – Hermonsa Beach, CA
Fri June 22 – Shakedown Bar – San Diego, CA
Sat June 23 – TBA – Phoenix, AZ

Wodensthrone – Curse

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Released: April 2012
Black Metal
Released via Candlelight Records

‘Curse’ is the second album from the British heathen black metal band Wodensthrone. It is the follow-up to their 2009 debut ‘Loss’.

Don’t let the slow, acoustic intro fool you into thinking that Wodensthrone have done an Enslaved-like move switching their style towards a more progressive style of black metal. As ‘Jormungadr’ demonstrates, Wodensthrone are still very much engrossed in their unique brand of atmospheric black metal. Comparisons to Drudkh spring to mind combined the atmospheric elements from Graveland. This particular song features some clear vocals towards the end which act as a kind of hymn or chant.

Most of the tracks are lengthy, clocking in at over 6 minutes but luckily the listener’s patience is handsomely rewarded. Take ‘First Light’ for instance, it features a soothing, folk-esque melody half-way through the track in which the guitars slow down to match the overall tone before a return to atmospheric black metal. ‘The Great Darkness’ sees a brief change in the vocal style from black metal to what sounds like someone reciting or telling a story. Oddly enough this doesn’t impair the track at all but rather it gives in a certain ‘mythical quality’.

Other noteworthy tracks include: ‘Battle Lines’ which features a Graveland-esque intro resembling ancient battle formations marching on one another and ‘The Storm’ which combines ferocity with ambience.


Iza Raittila

Fimbul Festival headliner announced

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FimbulFestEinhenjar have been announced to headline Fimbul Festival, with support from acts such as Graveworm, Secrets of the Moon, Vreid and Nothgard.

This is the fourth installment of the festival, which started in 2009 and is already proving to be one of Europe’s fastest growing metal festivals.

Weekend tickets are just 29.90€. Day tickets are also available at 17.90 and 19.90€.


For more info and news, head over to the Fimbul Festival

Schattenlicht – Erinnerung

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Due for release: July 2011
Black Metal
Seelengreif Klangwelten

‘Erinnerung’ is the debut EP from the Austrian black metal band Schattenlicht.

The opening track/intro ‘Am Abgrund’ can be summed up in a few words as eerie, slow and melancholic which is quite befitting for black metal. With ‘Ein Blick die Tiefe’ come the guitars and the standard, guttural black metal, Mayhem-style vocals. The overall mood, however, stays the same maintaining the eerie atmosphere even when the guitar picks up the pace adapting a somewhat more catchy style.

The title track ‘Erinnerung’ has a deceptively slow, soft guitar intro which then gives in to more black metal. This particular song has some melodic undertones, especially in the guitars which remind of old Gorgoroth or possibly even Satyricon at times. Another noteworthy track is the Ragnarok-esque ‘Gefangen’ which, once again, draws attention towards the guitars with a few solos added to the mix. The biggest surprise on here is ‘Frei’ which has a very long, slow guitar intro akin to that of the title track before a return to black metal although on this particular song the guitars sound disjointed at times.

3.5/5 – definitely a step in the right direction.

Iza Raittila

Katatonia announce new album

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Katatonia, the Swedish purveyors of dark metal, have announced thatKatatonia 'Dead End Kings' front cover - high res their ninth studio album, due August 27th (August 28th North America) on Peaceville Records, will be entitled Dead End Kings. A continuation of 2009’s inspired and acclaimed Night is the New Day, as well as a leap forward into the unknown, Dead End Kings sees the quintet conjure yet another milestone in audial melancholy & angst.

Amongst their most poignant and ambitious material to date, Dead End Kings was recorded at Ghost Ward Studios and The City Of Glass. The album was produced by Anders Nyström & Jonas Renkse themselves, and mixed by David Castillo, known for his prior work with the band, as well as Opeth & Bloodbath.

Dead End Kings sees the recording debut of guitarist Per Eriksson for Katatonia, as well as recent bassist Niklas Sandin. Additionally, Katatonia is joined once again by Frank Default & his invaluable expertise on sampling & atmospherics, plus a special guest appearance by Norwegian vocalist Silje Wergeland of Dutch legends The Gathering/ex-Octavia Sperati.

Jonas (vocals) comments on the album title: Dead End Kings is about the corridors of our mind from where there is no return. Be a king or queen in your own right in these hallways, even at the dead end. Carry your burden with pride. That’s what we are doing, twenty years and counting. Kings, because we believe in what we are creating, in our own disturbing faith.

Anders (Guitars) also commented: This album has doors revolving into many different genres of music but remain disguised within the Katatonia trademark. We have walked the fine line between attempting not to repeat ourselves but also not to distance us away from what people know and love. We’re now ready to hand over the evidence and whatever the direction this has taken is now for you to decide. We’re confident the creativity and passion on this album is something that will be echoing even beyond the dead end.

Artwork is once more supplied by long-time visual collaborator Travis Smith.

Tracklisting for Dead End Kings (not in final running order)


Alestorm ready to set sail with Dragonforce

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image (1)Scottish pirate quartet Alestorm will join Dragonforce on a string of dates in the UK and Ireland kicking off in Dublin on September 25, 2012.

They’ll be joined by The Defiled and Cavorts.

The dates are as follows:

September 25 – Dublin, Academy
September 27 – Belfast, Mandela Hall
September 28 – Glasgow, ABC
September 29 – Newcastle, Academy
September 30 – Wolverhampton, Wulfren Hall
October 1 – Bristol, Academy
October 3 – Nottingham, Rock City
October 4 – Norwich, UEA
October 5 – Manchester, Academy
October 6 – London, Shepherd’s Bush Empire
October 7 – Portsmouth, Pyramids

Tickets are available from

Interview: Mist [Dead Summer Society]

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Dead Summer Society is the latest addition to the Italian doom metal scene. Iza caught up with the mastermind behind the project, the multi-instrumentalist Mist to discuss his influences and aspirations.

Iza: Hi there! Aside from being the main member of Dead Summer Society you are also the guitarist of How Like a Winter. What influenced your decision to start this project?

Mist: – Hi, and thanks for the review of “Visions from a thousand lives”. Well, How like a winter is a project “on hold” at this moment, but as a musician I need to create music, you know, is a sort of “soul outburst”. Moreover I wanted to create something more “personal”, something without “compromises”, a project in which I could put all my musical influences and experience, with a sort of “experimental” approach. I consider DEAD SUMMER SOCIETY as a place to search something new but in a spontaneous way, a place to completely express myself, to try new things and even experiment new sounds.

I: You often list yourself as the sole member of Dead Summer Society yet the album features a female vocalist on some of the tracks. Who is she and what’s her role in the band?

M: DEAD SUMMER SOCIETY is a one-man band considering that I write all the music and lyrics, but I like to have collaborations able to enrich the music with personality (and I can say now that I’ll have more collaborations in the future). They have the freedom to try what they want and experiment on their own. Regarding female vocals…well, there are two female vocalists on “Visions..”: Federica Fazio is the singer, Claudia M. Luisa Murella is a dark poetess who has written and performed the recitative parts on the album. They enhanced the dark/gothic approach to the music, and I’m very happy about their contribute.

I: According to the press kit you have also collaborated with Trismegisto (Cult of Vampyrism, Teeth and Thorns). Is the partnership likely to continue in the future?

M: – Of course! Our collaboration will definitely go on! Trismegisto (Stefano) is both a great singer and musician, I came in contact with him during recording sessions of his project Cult of Vampyrism’s debut album. He’s able to transform all my ideas in something every time more beautiful!

I: Some of your songs, particularly “The King’s Alone”, remind me of works by other gothic doom metal artists such as My Dying Bride. Have any of these bands had some influences on Dead Summer Society?

M: – Well, doom/gothic music surely influences my music…My Dying Bride is among my favourite bands, and “The King’s Alone” is a sort of “homage” to their genius. Other bands I love and that inspire me are Katatonia, Anathema, Paradise Lost, Opeth, Samael, Tiamat, as well as Depeche Mode and Sopor Aeternus. On the other side I feel I’m on the right way to reach a Dead Summer Society’s own style, intended as a personal and spontaneous approach to make music.

I: I’ve also detected elements of dark ambient in your music. Are there any particular dark ambient artists that inspire you?

M: – Dark ambient and also electronic are so fascinating, and I like to enrich music with these elements. I think music sounds more interesting, more captivating, more experimental. Besides metal I’m starting listening to more dark ambient and electronic music.

I: Do you see Dead Summer Society as mostly a studio project or would you like to do live performances?

M: – To be honest I think that DSS will remain a studio project, I like it as it is, I like the idea to write music and enrich it with many collaborations. Besides DSS, I’m going (slowly) on with another doom/death band which could eventually do live performances: Temple of Prometeo. Just need more time to do everything eheheeh!

I: In the event of Dead Summer Society going on tour in the future, which bands would you like to tour with and why?

M: – Well…first of all, Katatonia! Is the band at the moment I like the most, and together with Opeth I think they gave freshness to their genres. Katatonia’s music is simply great, pure emotional art. Of course I’d like to tour with My Dying Bride, a dream…but I’d also like Samael, they’re so energetic and special…

I: Which musician (living or dead) do you respect the most and why?

M: -Mmm…not so easy…a musician I really like and respect is Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth), think is really passionate and professional, a musical genius…I’ve seen Opeth many times on stage and he’s a great front man, a fantastic musician, the best growl/clean vocals in my opinion…

I: What’s been your best memory of Dead Summer Society since its formation?

M: – Well…I was really glad about the feedback “the heart of autumnsphere” demo got from people, I received a lot of kind words and even some proposals from labels (which didn’t take to anything concrete, but we will see for the future!)…I was particularly happy for a nice review about “the heart…” on a French webzine…but a nice moment has also been when I had the “Visions from a thousand lives” cd (self produced) in my hands…satisfaction!
Well, to end…thanks for your support, and thanks a lot for the time you dedicated to DEAD SUMMER SOCIETY, both for review and interview…and of course greetings to all the readers.

Here you’ll find some links to find info and updates about DEAD SUMMER SOCIETY:
Thanks again!

Earache’s Q&A with Hour Of 13’s Phil Swanson

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Phil Swanson, frontman for North Carolina doom metallers Hour Of 13, has taken part in a Question & Answer session with the band’s label, Earache Records, ahead of the release of their new album, 333.

333 was recorded at Epiphonic Studios in Lenoir, North Carolina, and is due to be released on Monday, May 28th in Europe, and on July 30th in North America.  The album has been hailed by Darkthrone‘s Fenriz, who recently featured Hour Of 13 in his ‘Band of the Week’ column, stating, “This new Hour of 13 album simply cannot do wrong – it is immersed in utmost respect and understanding of the ways of old”.

An excerpt from the Q&A with PHIL SWANSON follows:
Earache: The album is just about to be released to the general public, but how do you guys feel about the album now that you’ve been living with it for the past few months?
Phil: I actually feel much better about it now than when first hearing the finished mixes, as I have finally been able to listen with clean ears and an open mind, not looking for things I’d like to change or add.  Now I hear it as a finished and complete record, and I am very proud of it and feel it’s our best yet.

Read the full interview here.

Get more HOUR OF 13 news and info at:
Facebook –
MySpace –

Napalm news extravaganza!

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Following their recent streak of success – “Demo of the Month” in Metal Hammer GER and winner of the Wacken Metal Battle 2011 – the Thrash combo Dust Bolt are finally unleashing their highly anticipated debut album! “Violent Demolition” which will be released at the end of July!

Vocalist and guitarist Lenny comments:
“The record deal for our debut album is an important step in our career. We are more than happy to cooperate with such a well-respected and established label. It was hard work to find a suitable label for our debut ‘Violent Demolition’, but now it’s gonna be unleashed! ‘Violent Demolition’ will bring you a serious whiplash! Come to our shows and get a dose of Toxic Thrash! Prepare for toxic attack!”

GRAVE DIGGER: Album Cover Competition

Name the title of the new Grave Digger album and win a Meet & Greet! The new Grave Digger album will be released at the end of August 2012! To ease the anticipatory wait, the band revolving around vocalist Chris Boltendahl will post 4 new pieces of the artwork and 4 new letters of the album title every week. The contest can be found on all Grave Digger channels.


The Dark Metallers release the clip to their new hit “Ich trinke Blut“! The video may be watched on Napalm’s YouTube channel. The new album “Dogma” is out now!

VAN CANTO: If I Die in Battle Clip

The epic fantasy clip to “If I Die in Battle” may be watched here.

LEAVES’ EYES: On Tour in Asia

Leaves’ Eyes have just announced three shows in Asia!


13.07.12 CN – Beijng / Star Live House
14.07.12 CN – Shang Hai / Mao Live House
15.07.12 TW – Taipei / KHS Hall

Avven – Kastalija

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Released: April 2011
Folk Metal

‘Kastalija’ is the second album from the Slovenian folk metal band Avven. According to a statement by the band their name is derived from the Welsh term ‘awen’ meaning “inspiration”.

From the start of the intro of the opening track ‘Zmaji’ the music shows its true colors as Slavic folk metal akin to the likes of Nomans Land. Avven like to sing in their native tongue and this along with the combination of metal and traditional folk instruments such as the tin whistle and the flute definitely work towards their advantage. This is seriously catchy stuff!

‘Ros’ features a female singer which gives a somewhat softer touch to the music in contrast to the main, male vocals. The violins also make the song stand out for all the right reasons. There’s something really uplifting about this particular track which tempts to try and sing along. ‘Nuala’ is slower and more sombre in nature but the cello, violin melodic duet between male and female singer makes it worth a listen.

Other noteworthy tracks include: the accordion-infused, catchy folk metal tracks ‘Ibo’ and ‘Hej ti!’; two definite crowd-pleasers and festival hits, and ‘Tarak’ which reminds me of Sabaton due to the song structure and the vocal style with a hint of Alestorm as a result of the violin parts. The only disappointment on here is the final track ‘Tornach’ which seems a bit disjointed at times as though it was compiled of bits from earlier recordings.


Iza Raittila

SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER And BLOODSOAKED To Join Forces For The “Hammer Of Gore” European Tour This Fall

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Death thrashers SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER and USDM brutalists BLOODSOAKED will invade Europe this November as part of the “Hammer Of Gore” European Tour 2012. The tour will run from November 2nd – 11th and hit Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Austria and Sweden. Exact cities and venues are currently being confirmed. Support will come from COFFIN SYRUP, GORGY and MANGLED ATROCITY.
For booking information, contact Falko of Bruchstein Records at

Digital Media Records Releasing District Destruction from German Thrashers MORTAL INFINITY on June 15th

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Thrill to Kill

At Dawn of Death

Wake of Devastation


District Destruction

Condemned Rising

Radical Response

Sound of Brutality

Get in touch at for press inquiries.

Mortal Infinity is a Thrash Metal Band from Bavaria/Germany. The band combines their influences from old school Bands like Exodus, Testament, Pantera and Slayer with modern bands like Lamb of God to create their own trademark. Mortal Infinity was founded 2009 by lead singer Marc Doblinger and bass player Sigi Weinhart. After the usual changes in the early lineup, they hit the stage with guitar players Sebastian Unrath and Thomas Harlander, who both play rhythm and lead guitar, and Frank Fiedler on drums. Early in 2011 Mathias Erber joined the band to fill in for bass player Sigi W. who quit to attend a university of applied sciences. Later that year Frank F. left the band because of his health issues, so Mathias E. switched to drums and Daniel Hofer joined Mortal Infinity as the new bass player.This is the line up that recorded the debut District Destruction at the Sound Lodge Studios with Joerg Uken (God Dethroned, Dew-Scented) late 2011. May 2012 had a historic moment for the band when a contract was signed with Digital Media Records, a proud event for the band indeed. Mortal Infinity are playing numerous shows in Europe (e.g. Metalfest Austria with Megadeth) and looking forward to seeing you on the road!


Marc Doblinger – Vocals

Thomas Harlander – Rhythm Guitar

Sebastian Unrath – Lead Guitar

Daniel Hofer – Bass

Mathias Erber – Drums MortalInfinity MortalInfinity DigitalMediaRecords


DEHUMAN’s Black Throne of All Creation To Be Issued On Vinyl; Album Streaming Online For A Limited Time

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Under official license from KAOTOXIN records, TANQUAM AEGRI SOMNIA, a new label from Belgium founded by Corvus of Cult of Erinyes, is releasing DEHUMAN’s debut full-length, Black Throne of All Creation, on vinyl. The album is being offered as a standard LP and limited edition (100 copies) red LP and is scheduled for release on July 2nd. Both versions of the LP are now available for pre-order through KAOTOXIN records at The CD version of Black Throne of All Creation will be out on May 28th via Kaotoxin Records.
For a limited time, is offering an exclusive full album stream of Black Throne of All Creation. The tracks will be online from now until  Friday, June 1st at this location.

In October, DEHUMAN will take part in the “The New Elite European Tour 2012” with one the most legendary longest-running Death Metal bands in existence, the almighty MASTER from the US & CZ as headliner The tour will start on Oct.6th in Germany and end on Oct.14th in the Czech Republic. Tour dates are still being confirmed. For updates, join the tour at the Facebook event page. Serious and motivated offers to book the tour can be sent to
Started in 2006 and devoted to the cult early / mid 90s Death Metal scene from the US and Western Europe, DEHUMAN proves with Black Throne of all Creation that quality songwriting is not a matter of age with plenty of catchy hooks in a very groovy and melodic, yet dark and evil Death Metal style of their own. Along those same lines, worship of a style is not a matter of ripping-off others’ trademark sound and sounding old-school is not about having a dated sound.
Recorded at the Blackout studio (Enthroned, Resistance, Emptiness, Sol Invictus, Diapsiquir…) and featuring artwork by W. H. Otto Dix, layout by Enthroned’s Oliver Lomer, and logo by Christophe Szpajdel, Black Throne of All Creation is sounds great and looks fantastic.  It’s also an addictive release sure to hook the listener upon the very first listen with such instant classics as “Black Mamba” or “Cast of Assassination.” Mixing a very personal sense of melody yet sounding “familiar” to the Death Metal worshiper, Black Throne of All Creation digs a place of its very own in the memory and heart of the fan with all its finely crafted production and compositional details, giving its audience something fresh to discover with each listen. Recommended for fans of (old) Mercyless, (old) God Dethroned, (old) Morbid Angel, (old) Suffocation.

Black Throne of All Creation Cover Art & Track Listing:
1. Apocalypse and Perdition

2. Monstrosity in the Hands of God
3. Eyes of a Thousand
4. Spiral of Loss
5. Down with the world
6. Harvest the Sun
7. Cast of Assassination
8. Black Mamba
9. Path to Oblivion

The album may be ordered at this location.

Get in touch at for review, airplay and interview inquiries.!/kaotoxinrecords

3 Inches Of Blood & Goatwhore w/Support @ The Moho, Manchester

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Goatwhore, 3 Inches of Blood, Angelus Arpartriad & Havok
Moho, Manchester, United Kingdom
9th May 2012

Moho Live in Manchester is a venue which gets mixed results and after finding out that this gig would be here I was apprehensive. They can be very hit and miss with sound and the room itself is awkwardly shaped meaning short people such as myself can often miss out. However, tonight the crowd is a small and friendly affair in which I can navigate myself to a good vantage point easily.

The evening starts with the energetic Havok, looking like they’ve just rolled out of the Bay area of San Francisco circa 1985. And despite the giant gothic entrance music (which is rather jarring after listening to what comes next), they are pure and utter thrash. There are plenty of elements that sound like other trash bands, for example, you can’t help but think of Tom Araya when vocalist David Sanchez screams and there is a good measure of Testement thrown in there. But these are certainly not bad things. Havok are strong and entertaining, just watching the passion from the small audience is proof of that.

What stands out strongly with Spain’s Angelus Arpartriad is the fantastic drumming. Victor Valera’s choice of rhythm and style elevates their standard clean thrash to another level. Once again, the enthusiastic crowd are enjoying every minute of this set and the first circle pits of the evening begin. Angelus Apartriad and highly enjoyable and compliment Havok’s dirtier thrash with their own melodic and well written style.

Now Goatwhore is the band I was looking forward to. “Blood for the Master”, their most recent album was simply excellent and bridged the black and death elements of their music even further. Vocalist Ben Falgoust prowls the stage as if looking for someone to tear to shreds. And the music itself does just that. It is blistering and brutal and everything you could possible want in Blackened Death metal. The set doesn’t let up either, with very few gaps between songs, the sounds crash through even more powerfully. The new songs work well with older tracks and all of the executed tightly and efficiently by a band getting stronger and stronger.

Canada’s 3 Inches of Blood are a fun band, their cocktail of power and thrash is somewhat akin to Manowar and are enjoyable to watch. 3 Inches of Blood are very different from the previous three bands but they pull out a strong set even if the songs occasionally blend into one another. The audience that is left are as energetic as they were for previous bands, if not more so. The warrior imagery and calling to arms of the metal brotherhood are a lot of fun and are played very well this evening. Having admittedly not known much of 3 Inches of Blood tonight I find that I am impressed and am looking forward to seeking out more material from these guys.

The sound tonight has been much better than expected and the bands even more so. The metal community is known for its tight-knit camaraderie and this was definitely seen tonight. The atmosphere was warm and friendly and the bands were all extremely strong and enjoyable. If only all gigs were as enjoyable.

Jade Hunter

***Photography by Jade Hunter & Taylor Seraph***

Interview: Ben Falgoust [9th May 2012]

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Before their gig at Moho in Manchester, we met up with Ben Falgoust, frontman of Goatwhore for a bit of chat about all things metal.

Jade: How is the tour going so far, are you enjoying it?

Ben: Yeah, the tours going really good so far, a lot of good feedback with all the bands in general. They all offer something different to the tour, a different kind of impact

Jade: It’s good to have diversity

Ben: It’s not too diverse, just within extreme music. Each band offers a different element of that. From 3 Inches of Blood to us to Angelus Apartriad and Havok, everyone has an extreme element from their different kind of genre within the extreme metal scene.

Jade: How are you enjoying Britain? Are the fans treating you well?

Ben: Yeah, so far so good. Two shows in and we still have about five to go and then we head back to mainland Europe and finish off over there. So yeah, everything is going pretty damn good so far.

Jade: How do you find the European crowds? Do they have a different atmosphere to the US? Do you notice any big changes?

Ben: Well yeah, I think that out here the people are more, nothing against America, but they are more dedicated. If they’re into it they have been into it a while, follow close-knit to it and keep it pretty much as close to them as possible.
Whereas in America there are a lot of trends and fads and things go and people come in and out of things. But out here and in Europe if you’re into metal you’ve always been into it and have it set for the rest of your life .Where in other places it’s more of a fad and people are in and out of it

Jade: Where do you like playing the most? Have you found somewhere you like playing more than others?

Ben: As far as that goes every place offers something different, as far as the interaction with the crowd and how we’re perceived as a band and everything, I don’t necessarily have a favourite, I have certain places that I had a really good time playing but that depends on how the crowd comes out and reacts, you can’t really set aside a city as being the greatest city to play or anything because we can easily go back to that same city and it not be as impacting as the last time.

Jade: Different groups of fans

Ben: Yeah, exactly, also it depends on the tour you do. Personally I’m out here to enjoy what I do be there two people of two hundred I’m still going to perform to the same amount as I would, no matter what. You can’t upset even the small amount of people that show up rather than making sure that you always have a huge number of people out each time.

Jade: Growing up, which bands inspired you to start a band?

Ben: There were a lot of different things, it varies in different styles from like Judas Priest to a band like Cro-Mags to Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse, I was into a lot of things when I was growing up.
All these little things within these bands have a role in what you want to do, what you want to evolve to do as far as bands go. And just certain aspects about them you want to pull off, like what they’ve done in a live setting or what they’ve done on certain records or what they’ve done as individual artists. It plays such a big role on how it influences you and everything.

Internally we have a lot of members that are into a lot of different things and we don’t like to pigeon-hole ourselves into one bracket, we like to be open because we are so open as far as metal goes. So when people ask us to explain what we are, we are like, we’re a metal band.
Of course people have their genres that people like to put things into and have labels to recognise things and sometime it pigeon-holes you into a spot and you have to work your magic to get out of that spot on a tour that’s a little bit different and get in front of that person that wouldn’t take the chance or the risk with you, you know, and try and work them over. You see these elements of these other bands in the past and those things help influence your music, the way you look at things and the way you do things.

Jade: Besides music, what do you like to do in your free time?

Ben: I don’t really have to much free time, I have a job at home when I’m not touring. I work in a frame shop, we do pictures, mirrors, work for hotels and stuff like that. When I go back home I go back into a regular job and do that and in the evenings we jam, work on new material. And I guess if there is any off time I probably catch up on sleep!

Jade: What is your song writing process when you come to write a new album?

Ben: It’s kind of mixed up sometimes, our drummer is from Phoenix, our bassist is from Pensecola, Florida, our drummer (Zak) will come in and he’ll get together with Sammy and they go over ideas and every now and then James will come over from Pensecola and he sits with those three. I’ll sit in every now and then to give an outsiders input and we’ll work things out like that, going back and fourth. Once things are solid in structure I’ll start putting vocals and vocal ideas on top of that.

But we’ll go to points where we’ve written a full song and you’re just like, this doesn’t quite feel like what we want so we’ll either toss the whole thing out or tear it apart and take elements from it that we really like and then we just move from there. I think a lot of bands do the same thing, I think it’s just the end result is different on how they approach it. We’ve never really started building a song around the lyrics; that would be something unique to do.

Sammy has a bunch of tapes with riffs on and we’d sit through and pick different ones out and start to structure them and everything. And now since we’re in the 21st century he’s been dropping them on to a computer so it’s been a little bit easier. Sometimes we can put together a song one day and it’s just that right thing, sometimes it takes two, three weeks to put a whole song together. Other times you’re just at that wall where you can’t go any further and you either need to step back and start something new or start at a different point.
Sometimes we’ve taken songs where we haven’t started at the beginning but started at the middle and then expanded the end, creating it from that point. Or we’ve found a riff that’s like a good ending riff so now let’s go backwards in a structure. You just fall into different ways.

Jade: How do you choose your set list when you come out on tour? Do you go through the back catalogue and go, ‘I’d like to play this one’?

Ben: Yeah, we kind of throw our ideas around and rehearse through it to see if it feels right. Some songs don’t come across live like other ones do and when you play it you can feel it, you can feel the impact and the energy behind it. So we kind of go in and pick things, we bracket packs of songs, no space in between.

We have three songs packed in a group or two songs and just do that and have minimal breaks to have more of an attacking live show rather than ‘here’s a song and here’s a break and here’s a song etc’. So we go through that process and all come together to agree which songs fit where and the whole set list.
We change the set list pretty often as we tour a lot, we don’t want to go out there and offer the exact same live setting as before. When you tour so much and people see you four times in one year, so it’s like okay, the saw the same set four times instead of having four different sets.

Jade: Do you tailor your sets to specific towns, cities or countries?

Ben: Not really, we maybe will do, like depending on the tour we’re on and the ands we’re with. Our music has variance in what we do so we can vary it to the tour we’re on. If we’re on an extremer tour then we will pull out more of the extremer songs and if we’re on more of a tour like the one we did with Devildriver we will try to get more adaptable songs for that kind of audience. Even though they are a metal band too they have different audience. We can’t change ourselves too much, we just adapt to whatever kind of songs we have so we will try to switch up of songs in accordance to that.

Jade: If you had a song that went well in a certain city, would you be more inclined to play it there again?

Ben: Yeah, pretty much. You know sometimes people leave notes on facebook or in our email requesting songs and we try to work that out, depending on what it is. If we’re half way on a tour and we can’t rehearse something we can’t. But we always take that stuff into consideration. There have been points where we’ve played a show and we did know a song but didn’t play it where people were asking and we had a little time left so we played it.

Jade: Thank you for your time.

***Photography by Jade Hunter & Taylor Seraph***

Primal Rock release second single

Posted in News with tags , , , , , on 25th May 2012 by Nico Solheim-Davidson, the North Sea Poet

Primal Rock Rebellion, the outfit composed of Iron Maiden guitarist & songwriter Adrian Smith and one-time SikTh front-man Mikee Goodman, have released brand new single, No Friendly Neighbour, on Spinefarm Records.

Produced by Smith & Goodman and mixed by Simon Hanhart, No Friendly Neighbour is taken from the debut Primal Rock Rebellion album, Awoken Broken, released on February 27th 2012, also through Spinefarm.

Nominated in the Best New Band category at this year’s Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards, Primal Rock Rebellion is clear proof that stepping outside of your comfort zone can reap spectacular rewards, with No Friendly Neighbour the full-tilt result of two very different minds meeting somewhere in the middle!

As with the video for previous single, No Place Like Home, the clip for No Friendly Neighbour has been directed by Goodman; however, whereas the ‘No Place…’ promo was a visually OTT affair, showing a world of monsters and trepidation, the new one focuses more on the musicians themselves, with drummer Dan ‘Loord’ Foord (ex-SikTh) also coming further to the fore.

Goodman commented: “We actually shot the new video on the same day as the No Place Like Home one, and it was a very intense experience. mean, I’d been deep in a cave the entire day before – got in at 3am, up at 6am, then started directing, producing, performing and even making the crew breakfast! Really, it was too much to take on, but it pushed me right to the edge – that’s why my performance is so full on. I hope the passion for the music really comes across.”

The video for No Friendly Neighbour can be viewed below:

Trocaria – The Dark Nears

Posted in Review on 24th May 2012 by izaforestspirit

Band: Trocaria
Album: The Dark Nears
Release date: May 2012
Genre: Melodic Metal/ Symphonic Metal
Label: Humind Records

‘The Dark Nears’ is the debut album from the American melodic metal band Trocaria. The band started life in 2007 as a solo project of Joan Palmer before becoming a two piece band thanks to the addition of vocalist Jon.

Right from the intro to the opening track ‘Gates of Hell’ it’s clear that the main emphasis here is on the symphonic keyboards and the shrieky, barking-style male vocals which remind me of Enslavement of Beauty. Speaking of which, this has similar song structures. This pattern continues with the subsequent tracks such as ‘Cursed’ and ‘Possession’ which feature more melodic keyboard tunes along with some half-hearted attempts at growling from the vocalist.

Two noteworthy exceptions are: ‘Is It Just A Shadow?’ where for the first time you actually sort to notice and appreciate the guitars; and ‘Martyr’ which sees more attempts at growling and even black metal-esque shrieks at times. It’s almost as though the band or at least the singer is still experimenting with various styles whilst recording the album.

3/5- pretty good for a debut release but there’s still some way to go.

Iza Raittila