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The Undivine – Delusional Noise

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Band: The Undivine
Album: Delusional Noise
Release date: April 2012
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Label: Inverse Records

‘Delusional Noise’ is the second album from the Finnish extreme metal band The Undivine. The album is said to be a mix of death metal and tribal grooves all centered around the overall theme of mental illness.

The opening track ‘Columbian tie’ features a good guitar intro. Then the melodeath-style vocals kick in and with them come the melodic death metal style drums. Comparisons to The Crown spring to mind though this is nowhere near as original. The drums and tribal grooves on tracks such as ‘Satelite Monarchy’ and the title track bear a strong resemblance towards Soulfly. Come to think of it, even the vocals are similar!

There’s also hints of old Entombed and ‘Arise’ or ‘Beneath the Remains’-era Sepultura evident on tracks like ‘Till The Dreads Come Home’ and ‘One Step to Parabellum’ which feature the characteristic guitar riffs, death metal drums and vocals. One song which stands out is the melodic death metal ballad ‘Seduction’ which contains a pleasant-sounding, acoustic-style guitar interlude. Then there’s the fast and furious ‘Landmine Marathon’ which lives up to its name, taking no prisoners as it bulldozes its way through your eardrums.

The album isn’t without its surprises though, for example ‘Balisong Flip’ contains elements of aggressive, Behemoth-style blackened death metal. Overall this is a decent melodic death metal album which is likely to appeal to fans of old Entombed and Soulfly.


Iza Raittila

Valkyrian Festival Updates

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Following the success of last year’s Valkyrian Festival at the Ringside in Hull, festival organiser and owner of Valkyrian Music Nick Taylor, commonly known by his pen name Nico Davidson, is proud to announce that Valkyrian Festival is set to go ahead again this year to raise money for Autism Plus. The event is set to take place at the Lamp in Hull on November 24th.

Headlining the festival will be Birmingham based power metal quintet Dakesis, who earlier this year supported the legendary Edguy. Joining them will be the likes of Sanguine, who are confirmed for both Download Festival and Ibiza’s Hard Rock Hell, along with Hull’s premier black metal act Infernal Creation, who later this year will be hitting up Bloodstock. Other confirmed acts include Incassum, Sea Of Giants, Nitronein, Ziyos and Aonia.

Sanguine guitarist, Nick Magee, commented "Sanguine are psyched to be playing Valkyrian 2012, make yourselves pretty, dust off your stomping boots and get ready for an invasion."

Incassum guitarist Chris Taylor had the following to say as well: "Incassum are stoked to play this year’s Valkyrian Festival at The Lamp, Hull. It’s going to be great sharing the stage with other bands representing a myriad of heavy music styles, not least Infernal Creation with whom we had the pleasure of headbanging with during our first date in Hull last winter.  The event is raising money for Autism Plus which is a really worthy cause, and another reason to get your asses down to The Lamp on the 24th of November. See you there!"

Like last year’s event, this year’s show will feature a raffle to help raise extra funds. Prizes will include goodies from the likes of Metal Blade Records, Napalm Records and Earache, as well merch donated by the bands and members of the Valkyrian Music team.

Wayne Dorman, frontman for Dakesis also commented: “It’s a real honour to be headlining Valkyrian Festival! We’ve a great relationship with the guys at Valkyrian Music – they were the very first publication to review our latest album “Trial by Fire” and they gave us top marks to boot, as well as being voted their band of the month in February – we can’t wait! Dakesis always have a great time when we play in Hull and the surrounding areas, so bring on the party, it’s going to be an amazing night!”

Tickets will be available on the door for a mere £3 and doors will open early in the day. For more info and updates, head over to the official Valkyrian Festival Facebook page here.

Line-up is subject to change.

Cyb3rnator – Line Of Fire EP

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Band: Cyb3rnator
Album: Line of Fire EP
Release Date: 7th April 2012
Label: Unsigned/Self-Released
Genre: Dubstep

Cyb3rnator was originally thought up by gameboy fanatic Tyla-Joe back in 2008. It wasn’t until 2011 that vocalist Katie joined, adding catchy melodic hooks to the 8-bit and gameboy dominated dubstep soundings of Cyb3rnator. Earlier this month, Cyb3rnator released their Line Of Fire EP via their BandCamp page. Before I carry on with this review, I’d like to state I know nothing about dubstep.

The EP starts off with Hello Roy Ritcher. The percussion sections of the track certainly do get the feet tapping away rhythmically, while the vocals have a slight Ayria sound to them. The gameboy sounds give the sound a bit of a funky Mario sound. The synth sounds have a very industrial feel to them, almost like a mash up of Zombiegirl and VNV Nation. The title track, Line Of Fire, follows next, beginning with a hypnotic piano medley before the first wave of danceable synth riffs march on the ear drums. The changes between synths and piano makes for an interesting combination, especially with the use of vocals and percussion.

The halfway point of the EP, Sunsets To No Regrets, starts with a well composed use of synths and 8-bit sounds, creating a very retro gaming atmosphere. The vocals sound stronger than the last two tracks, which is really saying something considering how powerful they are on the previous tracks. Sunsets To No Regrets would definitely have to be my favourite track. Nearing the end of the EP comes Lungs which begins with a semi-epic sound before the mesmerising 8-bit sounds come in topped with the catchy, melodic and staunch vocals. The final track, Burn, which features Robbie Burton, comes to choppy start but the track redeems itself later on when everything flows almost perfectly. Overall, the track feels like an 8-bit version of an industrial track. The vocals need some tweaking though as they feel like the most lacking part of the track, which is a shame considering how great they sound on the rest of the EP.

Considering the bad rep that dubstep, as a genre, has got and the way dubstep acts are dismissed as being “awful music” and “not real musicians”, I do believe that Cyb3rnator have got a bright future as a band. The EP is a near-masterpiece that fuses 8-bit with electro influences and very strong vocal work, and to be honest, I’m quite surprised I never discovered the band sooner. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing more from these guys soon.


Nico Davidson

Don’t forget, Cyb3rnator, are opening up Severed Heaven on 29th April at Shades Nightclub in Bridlington.

Abyss Records Releasing new Albums by Eternal Helcaraxe, Diseim, and Septekh

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Indianapolis-based metal label Abyss Records will release three new titles this month, including

Against all Odds (4/27) from Irish epic black metallers ETERNAL HELCARAXE,
Holy Wrath from Latvian death/sludge unit DISEIM (4/30), and The Seth Avalanche
EP (4/30) from Swedish death/thrash machine SEPTEKH.

Eternal  Helcaraxe came to be in May 2003. Between then and February 2004 began  writing for a black metal project based on raw emotion and atmosphere.  After several line-up changes both founding members decided to continue  as a two piece and in March 2008 released the first MCD entitled Palest Kingdom.   Shortly after this release in April of 2008 we were joined by Kozel  (ex-Mincing Fury)(cz) on bass, and the lineup was completed in July 2008  when were re-joined by our drummer Tyrith who both added a new level of  atmosphere and intensity to our sound. Eternal Helcaraxe have performed  a full live assault with such bands as Impiety, Shining, Spearhead,  1349, Abgott and Keep of Kalessin. Unfortunately, due to personal  reasons, Kozel parted ways with EH and in August 2009 we were joined by  Thule, which set in stone the new path. Since then they have released a  second MCD entitled To Whatever End and now comes first full-length Against All Odds.
Diseim  was formed in 2007 by the drummer Imants Vovers and the guitarist  Dmitrijs Bulavskis. In 2008 the vocalist and the songwriter Sergey  Stavro joined the band. Starting from that moment the high-speed drum  beats and grinding guitar riffs are accompanied by poignant growling. In  2009 the bass guitarist Alex Makarovs joins the band. In 2009 the band  frequently performs live and records the first demo Sinner in the Sound  Park studio. In 2011 Diseim signs to Abyss Records and records their  debut full length album Holy Wrath.
Septekh  is a death/thrash metal band from Stockholm, Järna, Norrtuna, Sweden.  Since the quartet was formed in late autumn 2008 Septekh has been on a  mission. That mission is to deliver the best songs possible and to do it  even better in a live setting. It has to be raw, have strong rhythm and  good drive. Driven by animal instincts and seeking the genuine, the  band is inspired by things such as the fine craftsmanship of Norwegian  gentleman Frost as well turning its ears towards a fine Motörhead tune  every now and then for that kickass rock n roll attitude.

ONHEIL announces new album – “STORM IS COMING”

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Dutch Blackened Metal masters ONHEIL announces the  recording of their next album ‘Storm Is Coming’! The band has just entered the  studio together with producers Bart Hennephof (TEXTURES) and Yuma van Eekelen  (EXIVIOUS, ex-PESTILENCE) to record the follow-up to their underground classic  ‘Razor’. This new epos will be released by German Metal specialists CYCLONE EMPIRE this fall.

ONHEIL is known for having three guitarists and the  new set of songs take full advantage of this triple axe attack. “Because of this  the album will also sound like a raging storm”, vocalist/guitarist Amok comments. “But as  there are many different kind of storms, definitely do not expect one long  blastbeat. We still play our diverse mix of Black, Thrash, Death and Heavy  Metal.”

A video of ‘Nemesis’  Light Fading’, one of their best known tracks from the previous album ‘Razor’  can be found here:

Short bio:

Onheil entered the metal scene in 1999 and released their first demo  in that same year. With another demo in 2002, a Mini CD on an small underground  label in 2003 and their rare but intense live shows the band grew their  reputation in the Dutch and Belgium underground. Unfortunately  the band got into some serious line-up problems in 2004/2005.

It took the band untill 2007 to get up to full speed again, forming a  new and steady line-up. The return was announced with a first music video and a  wide range of live shows with bands like VADER, MAYHEM, EMTOMBED and BELPHEGOR.  This caught the attention of German metal record label CYCLONE EMPIRE releasing  ONHEIL’s full-lenght album RAZOR in 2009.

RAZOR was received extremely well getting high ratings by the media  almost everywhere. With this succes ONHEIL was able to share the stage with  CANNIBAL CORPSE, AUTOPSY, WATAIN, THE DEVILS BLOOD, ASPHYX, NAPALM DEATH, DYING  FETUS, KRISIUN, ROTTING CHRIST and appeared on festivals such as PARTY.SAN OPEN  AIR, METAL MEAN,  BRUTZ&BRAKEL  FEST, OCCULTFEST, ZABBADUSCHER and GAHLEN MOSHT OPEN AIR.

Barbe-Q-Barbies – All Over You

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Band: Barbe-Q- Barbies
Album: All Over You
Release date: June 2012 (Europe)
Genre: Rock
Label: Sound of Finland

‘All Over You’ is the debut album from the Finnish, all-female rock band Barbe-Q-Barbies. The album was originally released back in 2010 and it will be re-released this year with a brand new cover.

The opening track ‘Spell’ is enough to convince me that Barbe-Q-Barbies aims to become the female homage to AC/DC. Just listen to the guitar riffs and tell me you’re not tempted to sing along to the chorus! The singer’s voice is perfectly suited for this type of rock and, as the next few tracks show, the background singers complement her very well.

The chorus part in their cover Sweet’s hit track ‘Wig-Wam Bam’ is seriously catchy. Same goes for ‘Twisted Little Sister’ which proves once and for all that these girls know how to rock. What I particularly like about the track are the skilfully executed guitar riffs. So far there’s not a single weak track on here as each song offers more of the same catchy rock tunes loved by the fans. ‘My Salvation’ for example sounds like a crowd-pleaser with an ultra catchy chorus that has a way of staying in your head.

‘Rockstar’ gives you a taste of the singer’s gig repertoire thanks to comments like “give me some of that guitar” and “come on girls!” mixed in with the music. It’s pretty clear that the singer, Niki doesn’t lack any charisma. Other highlights include: the catchy rock track ‘Escort’ which reveals the guitarist’s talent ensuring that the riffs and solos won’t go unnoticed, and the title track which once again shows that Niki and the girls know how to rock your world!


Iza Raittila

Before The Dawn Stream Rise Of The Phoenix

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Finnish melodic band Before The Dawn are currently streaming their new album here, Also included is a commentary on the tracks included written by guitarist/vocalist Tuomas Saukkonen.

Check it out and tell us what you think in the comments.

Metallica drummer in documentary “Mission To Lars”

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Mission to Lars is a documentary like no other, a disabled man breaks out of his care home with the help of his brother to travel to America to meet his hero, Lars Ulrich of Metallica. Tom Spicer suffers from Fragile syndrome X, which is a type of Autism, and a massive case of obsession with Lars Ulrich. His filmmaker brother and journalist Sister spring him and take him on a journey to meet his hero. The group undergo trials and tribulations due to their Brothers disability and their dysfunctions but soldier on through gigs and backstage areas just hoping for a glimpse of the man himself.

The movie which will have a limited run is a look into the lives and those who live with disabilities and all money raised will be donated to charity. Any and all music and media used was donated free, from bands like Kasabian and Huey from the Fun Loving Criminals.

Mission To Lars is looking like the surprise documentary of the year and is touching and moving, it will be released later in 2012.

Gojira reveal cover art for L’Enfant Sauvage

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French progressive metallers revealed the new artwork for their upcoming album L’Enfant Sauvage today.Image Keeping with the theme of esoteric visuals and a vein of the natural world the art is centered around a person being surrounded by fading skyscrapers. L’Enfant Sauvage will be Gojiras’ first release since 2008s  The Way Of All Flesh.

Gojira are still to release The Sea Shepherd EP which was recorded onboard the vessel the Sea Shepherd as the Band raised awareness for the fishing and murder of whales, the topic of 2005s From Mars to Sirius, by Japanese trawlers.

The band also documented the recording of L’Enfant Sauvage in New York with a series of Youtube videos.–gQgICEIE

Tell us what you think of the cover and how excited are you for this new release in the comments!

Colm Casserly.

Young Drummer Ready To Stick It To MS

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Young drummer, Bridie Stagg, is taking part in a fundraising Guinness World Record attempt to raise money for the MS Society.

The event, Stick It To MS 2012, is set to take place at EventCity in Manchester on Sunday 15th July. The event feature 800 drummers from all around the UK, who will be playing in synch with one another.

More details of the event can be found here. You can make a donation to the cause or sponsor Bridie at the following JustGiving pages:

On a related note, Bridie’s band Organized K-hos will be taking part in our own charity event, Valkyrian Festival, in November later this year, in aid of Autism Plus.

Morian – Ashen Empire

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Band: Morian
Album: Ashen Empire
Release date: April (Europe), May 2012 (International)
Genre: Gothic Rock/ Melodic Metal
Label: Inverse Records

‘Ashen Empire’ is the long anticipated second album from the Finnish metal band Morian. Produced and engineered by Aksu Hanttu of Entwine, ‘Ashen Empire’ is the follow-up to the 2007 debut album ‘Sentinels of the Sun’.

The sample during the intro to ‘Dawn Brigade’ is confusing as it leaves the listener with no clue of what will come next. Metalcore? Not really, although there’s hints of it in the backing vocals but the clear, lead vocals remind me of depressing rock akin to Katatonia. So far, so weird… Oh wait, there’s more…

The energetic keyboard and guitar intro to ‘The World Ends With You’ gives the song a promising start; then the vocals kick in. I’m still trying to work out what the hell is happening with the backing vocals. Depressing gothic rock style, clean vocals with metalcore screeches in the background… Is it just me or does anyone else find this strange?

At least some of the tracks sound like what you would expect to hear from a rock band. ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ is a good example, the guitars work well here and, together with the soft sounding keyboards and the gothic rock-style vocals, they make this song memorable for all the right reasons. Comparisons to HIM and Charon come to mind at times eg. the vocals in ‘Dead Heat’. So on to the next track…Oh what do we have here? Sounds like a mixture of Korn and Disturbed! Is this still the same album? Then the familiar, goth rock vocals return in an attempt to redeem the song.

The last three tracks are somewhat more uniform in sound which is a huge relief to my ears. The gothic, self-titled ballad ‘Ashen Empire’ offers a melodic closure to this chapter making it one of the album’s highlights.


Iza Raittila

Tombstones – Year Of The Burial

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Band: Tombstones

Album: Year Of The Burial

Release Date: 20/04/2012

Genre: Stoner Doom Metal

Label: Soul Seller Records

I never feel more within my element than when I have a stoner doom metal band to listen too. Having listened to the first couple of minutes of ‘Year Of The Burial’ by Norwegian stoner doom filth lords Tombstones I am now feeling right at home, my headphones on and the volume turned up high, surrounded by the fuzz and the static, the tuned low bass and the filth ridden riff-age. Everything feels right with the world in a down trodden kind of way and I realise that I should probably take a deep look within myself because music this mired in gloom, depression and murk should not make me feel good, but it really does! Opening track ‘Unveiling’ is exactly that, an unveiling of Tombstones inner most world, their music laid out and brought forth to wash over you in wave after wave of splendid grime and degradation. It warms the cockles of my heart it really does.

That is enough of my strange perversions though. For an idea of the Tombstone sound think a groovier version of the late great Reverend Bizarre but with their own stamp on things and that should see you into the right ball-park. ‘Year Of The Burial’ is a stone cold solid slab of crushing doom goodness. It pummels, pulverizes and pounds on your ears for what seems like an eternity but in actual fact is simply not long enough. I crave more than six tracks but I know you should not spoil a good thing, and this is a good thing. Oh yes. Steps you need to take to prepare yourself for the Tombstone experience. number one, a warm dark room, preferably with some lit candles to add atmosphere. Step two, relax and get comfortable. Step three, partake in a substance that seems forbidden. Once you have obeyed these three simple rules then press play and enjoy the crushing waves of doom that flow over you, relish in its traditional sound and the deep bass play that makes your hair stand on end and your body tingle. Play it loud, experience its fuzz and it’s thoroughly demonic vibe. Enjoy the darkness and let ‘Year Of The Burial’ fill the void around you.


Luke Hayhurst

New Album from French Black Metal band MERRIMACK

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MERRIMACK – the  leading french Black Metal originators – will release their new album, “The  Acausal Mass”! The album was produced (once again) by Tore Stjerna and Sverker  Widgren in the famous Necromorbus Studio in Stockholm, Sweden (Watain,  Deströyer666, Ofermod, Portrait, Unanimated, Setherial). “The Acausal Mass” will  be released on 22. june via AFM Records.
Impressions of the recording process:

Welcome at AFM Records: the US Death Metal War Machine VORE

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American deathmetallers VORE have signed a deal with  the wellknown german Metal label AFM Records! “Gravehammer”, the band’s latest  full length release, will be released on july 20.
2012 VORE BIO:

VORE has been cranking out their unique blend of crushing, doom-laden  death metal since 1994. VORE draws upon death, thrash and traditional  metal influences to create an onslaught of titanic power and heaviness. VORE’s mid-paced rhythmic style is built around strong riffs and  songcraft, rather than all out speed, which sets them apart from current trends  in death metal. Over this soundscape, themes of doom, darkness, conquest and  sorcery roar in a savage vocal attack. 

VORE consists of guitarist/vocalist Page Townsley, drummer Remy Cameron  and bassist Jeremy Partin. The band has released four self financed cd’s – Dead Kings Eyes in 1997, Lord of Storms in 2001, Maleficus  in 2005 and their latest opus, Gravehammer, was unleashed in late 2011.  VORE has just signed with AFM Records and Gravehammer will be re-released in the  summer of 2012.

VORE is always at their best within the live realm, pummeling audiences  with their thunderous sonic assault and tight energetic performances. Over the  years VORE has performed with bands such as MORBID ANGEL, CANNIBAL  CORPSE, OBITUARY, DEICIDE, SIX FEET UNDER, NILE, IN FLAMES, MONSTROSITY,  MALEVOLENT CREATION, HALFORD, ORIGIN, GOATWHORE, CATTLE DECAPITATION, MANOWAR,  CARCASS and many others. VORE are also veterans of the infamous Milwaukee  Metalfest.

Failsafe – Routines

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Band: Failsafe
Album: Routines
Release date: May 2012
Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: Small Town Records/Fond of Life

With Summer rapidly approaching, Failsafe release their third album ‘Routines’, a strong addition to anyone’s ‘Festival Season’ playlist.  Having previously performed on the 3rd series of the TV show ‘The Inbetweeners’, recorded a live session at Maida Vale for the BBC, and played the highly prestigious South by Southwest Festival in Texas, the Northwest band are looking to build on their growing reputation with this third album.

Failsafe are 5 talented friends from Preston (Lancashire).  Their music incorporates a variety of pop-punk and alternative rock elements, with heartfelt, catchy vocals that echo peers such as Hundred Reasons and Idlewild.  Across ten tracks in just over forty minutes, their syncopated guitars, upbeat, energetic drumming and soaring choruses provides a very satisfying experience.

Failsafe clearly enjoy the songs they create and their complimentary songwriting ability reflects this.  The powerful 1-2 punch of opener ‘The Persistence Of Memory’ and title track – the excellent (and vicious)  ‘Routines’ – quickly draw you in with the urgency of both the music and lyrics.

Later tracks such as ‘Sleepwalkers’ & ‘Something to Someone’ build a layered intensity, and stand out as well crafted alternatives to the tried and tested ‘Loud-Quiet-Loud’ formula prevalent in most rock bands.  The pace rarely drops, although final track  ‘Worth the Wait’ provides a lighter tone to close the album nicely.

An air of melancholy is threaded through most songs, for those who seek it, but the true strength of Failsafe is in their highly acclaimed live performances, and every song on ‘Routines’ contains anthemic moments or choruses that guarantee loyal fans will sing-along to them.

Above all else, there is an honesty to the music, the boys sound like they believe in their songs and if their live performances convey the heartfelt nature of these tracks, Failsafe will continue to grow in popularity in 2012 and beyond.


Tobias Gray

Small Town Records (UK)
Fond Of Life (Europe)

Chaos Records / Dark Blasphemies to Release UNCONSECRATED’s “Awakening in the Cemetery Grave” in June

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Chaos Records and Dark Blasphemies will co-release UNCONSECRATED’s Awakening in the Cemetery Grave in June with a vinyl LP version to follow later in the year. Featuring  all the material the Spanish old school death metallers have recorded to  date, the compilation includes the Unconsecrated Cemetery (2006) and Dark Awakening (2007) demos, as well as 2010’s Slave to the Grave EP, which was previously released as a 7″ on Dark Descent Records. The  material has been remastered by Skaldir at the Kalthallen Studios in  Germany (2011) and cover art comes courtesy of Daniel Devilish  (ENTRAILS, MALFEITOR, BLOOD MORTIZED). Be on the lookout!
Awakening in the Cemetery Grave Cover Art & Tracklisting:
1. Intro
2. Buried in the Crypt
3. Exhumating Profaned Flesh
4. Slave to the Grave
5. Breath of Desolation (instrumental)
6. Path of the Ancient Gods
7. Dark Awakening
8. Over the Throne
9. Temple of Darkness
10. Descending Into the Abyss
11. Tombs of Fallen Angels
12. Recremated by the Sunlight
13. Journey Into the Crypts of the Dead
14. Morbid Dawn of the Deceased
15. Unconsecrated Cemetery
16. Recently Deceased
17. The Curse of Evocation
18. Dead Forever (Unleashed Cover)
Unconsecrated  was formed in April 2006 only by Dave Devour and Robert J. (guitars)  with the intention of playing old school death metal like was done in  the early 90s. After less of 6 months of the creation of the band and  Dave playing guitar, they both started decomposing songs for what it was  their first demo entitled Unconsecrated Cemetery, six songs of old school Swedish Death Metal plus a cover from Unleashed´s Dead Forever.  Dave was looking for singers and drummers till he meet with Kent,  singer from the Norwegian Death Metal band Unspoken, plus with the help  of Lorenzo from the Ered band of Barcelona on bass they recorded their  first demo in October-November 2006 with a drum machine. After some  months, Dave and Robert started to decompose six new songs for their  second demo entitled Dark Awakening with a more obscure and heavy approach influenced by Swedish bands like  Unleashed, Entombed, Dismember. The second demo was recorded in the  months of April/May 2007 and it contains 6 songs. In  December 2007 because of his lack of time, Robert leaves the band and  Dave asks his friend Overlord from the old school black metal band  Warcult to join. After some days, Overlord accepted. Now with Overlord  in the line-up the band improved in many ways. Songs became better  structured, and the sound of the band became darker, without losing that  old school sound that the band wanted to keep.
Dan´s Crypt Records signed the band to release both demos. In February 2008 these see the light on a CD called Unconsecrated Cemetery/Dark Awakening.    In April 2008 Dave and Overlord checked some sounds for what would be  their next release, a shared EP for the American label Relapse Records.  After sending the masters to Relapse, together with another 11 bands,  the label decides not to edit it, with no further explanation.
When the band noticed that Relapse would not release that Death Metal Series, Matt, from American label Dark Descent Records, decided to sign up with Unconsecrated to release a 4-song EP, which was named Slave To The Grave.  I was 3 new songs of intense and putrid old school death metal in the  vein of Entombed, Dismember or Carnage, real influences in  Unconsecrated.  This EP was released at Halloween of 2010. This edition  was limited to 500 copies, 400 in black and 100 inked in green. The band  sold 100 copies in just a week, and in very little time the EP was Sold  Out at the label store.
Now, Unconsecrated presents on CD all the material the band has recorded: Slave To The Grave EP, the debut demo Unconsecrated Cemetery and Dark Awakening demo. All the music has been remastered in 2011 and sounds more  powerful and raw than in the original recordings. The band is now in  standby mode, but there are plans to record all their songs for a full  length CD. Unconsecrated hopes that every authentic death metal fan will  love this CD. Spread the sickness. – DaveDevour. February 2012


Kent – Vocals

Dave Devour – Guitar

Overlord – Guitar / Bass

Jacobo – Drums

Unconsecrated Facebook

ANTROPOFAGUS’ Architecture of Lust Out Now; Gun Shy Assassin Premiers Album Track “Blessing Upon My Redemption”

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After  being dormant for nearly 10 years, Italian maniacs ANTROPOFAGUS has awakened! The band’s brutal return to the death metal scene Architecture of Lust, is out now through Comatose Music. Musically, their approach has evolved into a  more technical style, yet sustains a classic death metal presence with  frantic riffing and supreme drumming courtesy of Davide “Brutal Dave”  Billia (Putridity and Septycal Gorge). Lyrics are inspired by the  deranged works of Clive Barker and thrive with gore and sickness. Architecture of Lust comes complete with an awesome 16 page booklet. This CD is the embodiment of evil and sure  to be a top release in 2012! For fans of: Hour of Penance, Nile, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Immolation.

To celebrate this long-awaited release, has posted an exclusive premier of the song “Blessing Upon My Redemption,” which is currently terrorizing the internet at this locale.

Architecture of Lust Cover Art & Track Listing:

Architecture of Lust
Sanguinis Bestiae Solium
Demise of the Carnal Principle
The Lament Configuration
Exposition of Deformities
Eternity to Devour
Sadistic Illusive Puritanism
Blessing Upon My Redemption
Det helgerån av häxor (outro)
Promos have been unleashed for review and radio play. Get in touch at to set up an interview.

Dragonforce – The Power Within [2012]

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Band: Dragonforce

Album: The Power Within

Release Date: 15/04/2012

Genre: Extreme Power Metal

Label: Electric Generation Recordings











This Review is dedicated to the memory of Vadim Pruzhanov’s Hair. RIP.

It’s been 4 years since the release of the last Dragonforce album, “Ultra Beatdown”, shortly after which singer ZP Theart left. It’s been a fairly brutal 4 years for the London-based Extreme Power Metallers; a new album in the works, a GARGANTUAN world tour freshly completed, and the singer, beloved of the fans, is gone? Surely, a bell tolling death for most bands? Not Dragonforce. Since footage of “Cry Thunder” was leaked, having been filmed by fans watching the band support Iron Maiden, I have been far more than enthralled. As for new singer Marc Hudson, I could hug the man. He is everything ZP was and more, and his entrance has injected huge amounts of life into the band once more. The songs are far more varied in structure, and thus make for a much more enjoyable listen, but every single one still manages to soar to the octane-guzzling heights of Glory of previous albums.

“The Power Within.” There could not be a more appropriate title. The whole album is overflowing with POWER. Herman Li and Sam Totman’s epic guitar shreddery is prominent in everything the band does, their mastery being an album’s worth of an air guitarist’s wet dreams. Drums are utterly insane; while restrained on tracks like “Cry Thunder”, the 220 bpm monster of “Fallen world” (fun fact: Dragonforce’s fastest ever song, beating “Cry of the Brave” at 215 bpm) shows off Dave MacKintosh’s insane skill. There are even a couple of moments where Bassist Fred Leclerq gets to show off his talent in several extreme bass passages. And one Mr Vadim Pruzhanov (God rest his hair) is one of the greatest musicians to ever mangle a keyboard. Wizardry is the only way to describe it. But Marc Hudson’s vocals are ridiculously good – he far surpasses the expectations of any of the fans, many of who would, in normal circumstances, be winging and pining for ZP. He has stupendous amounts of talent, and with layered vocals, he sounds positively majestic.

One of the main criticisms of Dragonforce with regards to previous works was that “all the songs sound the same.” It was often insisted that they relied purely on technical ability to make interesting songs, and that was included in every song. This is not a criticism that has any grounds on this album – the songs have for the most part been shortened to be more digestible by the listener (most previous songs were around the 7 minute mark), and not every song is a hyper-speed blast to the end. “Seasons”, “Last Man Stands” and “Cry Thunder” are all fairly different to the usual Dragonforce way, but in no way unwelcome. Songs like “Die by the Sword” also mark a return to the Lyrical style of fantasy, swords and battles, not seen truly since 2003’s “Valley of the Damned.”

This album… blew me away in a way I’m quite sure most of the albums released this year will fail to do so.  All the apprehension is gone, and we should welcome the new Dragonforce with open arms. Utterly, utterly stunning, utterly, utterly brilliant.


Alasdair Dunn of Norderobring

Banshee replaces Benedictum on the Warriors of Metal Fest Roster

Posted in News on 17th April 2012 by markssonofjorvik

Amelia, Ohio, April 17, 2012.  Warriors of Metal, Inc. is sad to  announce a cancellation and yet elated to announce an exciting  replacement on the roster of the Warriors Of Metal Fest V Open Air to  take place on June 29th & 30th at the Frontier Ranch in Pataskala,  Ohio this summer.


WOM Fest IV Open Air veteran  Veronica Freeman of Benedictum contacted Warriors of Metal, Inc.  last night with the following statement: “Benedictum will not be able  to attend the WOM Festival this year. We do so regret this and want  everyone to know how much we love and support Datis and his efforts and every sponsor and fan that helps to make this  festival happen.  Our schedule will need to remain open at that time to  facilitate work on the new album and work around some tight scheduling.  We wish each and every band an amazing time and each and every fan throw  your fists in the air in support of this event!!  Love to everyone.  V /  Benedictum”


While we are saddened by this turn of  events, we do understand Benedictum’s tight scheduling issues, wish  them well and hope for a great 4th album from them.  We are, therefore, privileged to announce that former Metal Blade and Atlantic Records  recording artists of Banshee (currently with Snowblind Productions) will replace Benedictum on our line-up this  year.  Banshee  has come back together after 21 years to record their 4th album called  “Mindslave” which is slated to be released within the next couple of  months.


This will be Banshee’s very first Open Air  Metalfest appearance since the release of their new album and it is  interesting to note that the 3 year WOM Fest veteran vocalist, George  Call (ex-Omen) of Aska & Violent Storm will now be attending his 4th  consecutive year at Warriors of Metal Fest Open Air for his 5th  performance at our Fest with 3 different bands!!!  Aska headlined the  Friday night of WOM Fest II in 2009, George sang with Omen, headlining  the Friday night of WOM Fest III, and he sand with Aska, co-headlining  the Saturday night of WOM Fest III in 2010 with Cage, and of course Aska  headlined the Saturday night of WOM Fest IV in 2011!  So now we welcome  George Call back among our Metal family, friends and fans as he fronts  the return to form of the late  80s Power Metallers of Banshee.  We would like to thank Chuck Hopkins  of Banshee for giving us this opportunity to showcase his band at our  Metalfest this year. 

Banshee has an officially  unreleased track called “Unearthed” on the Warriors of Metal Fest V Open  Air 2012 Double CD Compilation that will be availabe to 2000 fans  attending Keep It True XV Festival in Germany in less than 2 week’s time  and all the fans attending the Warriors Of Metal Fest V Open Air this  year.  Tickets are available at

  Weekend passes for adults (17 and up) are just $50 and Weekend 4-Packs for  adults (groups of 4 people) are only $40 per person. Adult single day tickets  are $30 for each day and $25 per person in a 4-Pack for a single day ticket.  Teenager tickets (11-16) are only $15 for the whole weekend, Friday only or  Saturday only. Kids under 11 get in for free. Camping is free and ticket buyers  can also pre-order their Fest t-shirts at the time of their ticket  purchase.

Hollywood Burnouts “Excess All Areas”

Posted in Review on 17th April 2012 by Pieni

Band: Hollywood Burnouts
Album: Excess All Areas
Release Date: 09/03/2012
Genre: melodic hard rock
Label: Rock Road Records


The music industry goes around in circles and the eighties glam & sleaze sound is getting back under the spotlight. Not in the same proportions, which the experts believe is a good thing, as it was the excess (no pun intended) that killed the movement in the first place.

So when I saw HOLLYWOOD BURNOUTS’ style, I didn’t need to read the “sleaze rock” label next to it. And therefore I was a bit disappointed when I listened to this “Excess All Areas”. It’s a good album, don’t get me wrong! But it lacks “the dirtiness”, the edge of sleaze. You can call it glam, for their image, but the sound, that’s definitely melodic hard rock – as it’s said in the band’s bio anyway.

“I Wanna Ride” and “Wild Side” (no, not a MÖTLEY CRÜE cover, although the cover art of the album reminds a lot of the CRÜE’s own debut, “Too Fast For Love”) are the hardest songs, very straight-forward rock, while “A Part Of My Heart” and “Remember Me” are the typical ballads. “Everybody Needs A Hero” and “Tonight” will easily set your body in motion, and you’ll probably stamp your foot along the bass line of “Gimme Gimme Gimme” without even noticing it. And my favourite, “8 Lives Gone”, has this chorus with gang-background-vocals that really sticks to your head.

In all honesty, it’s nothing that we haven’t heard before, but it’s nice to see this kind of sound hasn’t completely faded – especially when I’m pretty sure that these songs, resembling others or not, will work pretty well live and satisfy a rocky crowd.


Renata “Pieni” Lino