Interview: Before My Damnation

Before My Damnation is a 5 piece act, hailing from northern Sweden. Since the band was formed in autumn 2010, they have achieved alot! In 2011 their selfreleased debut EP – Drowning My Daughters was edited, and the band have also performed at several venues – Once as opening act to metal veterans In Flames!

Hereby I present  Before My Damnation to Valkyrian Musics readers:

What would make you participate in a firefight? – If tacos were banned by the government.

What makes you most vicious? – Anti-taco people.

What do you want to convey with your music? – We don’t have a real message with our music. Just fuck shit up!

Dream venue to perform a ritual show at were: – Tingan (a local place where most metal concerts are held in the bands residental town)

Describe a utopian existence.. ( world / society) – A world where mankind has been obliterated.

Most source of inspiration? – The world, everything, nothing.

Most remarkable place you have found yourselves in? – * Järpen

Please share your views on religious fanatics .. – They can do whatever the fuck they want, if they just don’t bug me.

Appetizing plate of death (best death metal album)? – THOSE WHOM THE GODS DETEST.

Undermined bang (worst albums)? – In Waves.

Most Extreme metaldemon is? – Nergal.

The ultimate venom (favorite drink / food): – Booze.

Favourite beast (animal)? – Minotaur.

Vokiller, who would you would like to make a duet with? – Aaron Matts [Betraying the Marytrs].

Drummer, who you would like to challenge in a pounding speed test? – Mario Duplantier.

Guitar/bass strangler, with who, would you feel compelled to duel with in a battle? – Buckethead.

Where do you think Before My Damnations will be in about 10 years? – In space.

Northern icy cold, subterranean heat wave, east or west thunder storm? – The cold, because we are vikings, and space is cold aswell..

Any last word .. – check us out at. !

* Järpen is a village in the county Jämtland in northern Sweden.

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