EMPTINESS Releases Video For “It And I”

Belgium’s oppressive death metallers, EMPTINESS, featuring members of Enthroned, have released a video for the track “It and I,” taken from their newest full-length Error. The video, which was shot in the band’s own Blackout Studios, can be viewed at this location. Error is now available for order through Dark Descent Records.


Brooding and venomous, progressive and blackened, EMPTINESS’ Error is a  journey into descending madness. Forward-thinking black-doom insanity  wrapped in a groove-laden burl of off-kilter rhythms and disharmonic  melody collide with a poisonous tongue; Phorgath’s agonizing spoken rasp  claws at the mind and fuels the nightmare within. Embrace sorrowed  oblivion. Error delivers nine new tracks of killer death/black noise with a layout (done by Brussels-based Blackout Media) featuring a four-panel digipak on upgraded matte finish card stock with an eight page booklet.

“Error is a hungry, lurking beast avid to fill with fear the 40 minutes  descending darkness. This outing is encapsulated within the walls of  extreme sonicity, wrapping up around death metal, black, doom and  ambient in a way other Entombed worshipers do not work.” – Path To Oblivion



PHORGATH: Bass/Vocals
OLVE j.LW: Guitars / Backing Vocals

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