Human Cull – Split Second Extinction

Human Cull
Split Second Extinction
Released in 2011
Released via Goatprayer Records

Starting life as Gran Toucher but eventually evolving into HUMAN CULL, these west country Grind merchants have followed up 2011’s ‘Human Cull EP’ with their debut full length release of havoc wreaking ear drum disturbing Grind, entitled ‘Split Second Extinction’. The problem with any good Grind band is also often its main feature, that being that in the time it has taken me to write this introduction to the review I’ve already listened to eight songs, out of eleven. Oh dear, I think I may need to put this one on repeat!

All Grind based jokes and jesting aside though, Human Cull ply their trade with style. The band’s debut opus is ear-splitting from start to finish and will leave unsuspecting listeners with an unfathomable migraine within moments. Yet for those of us that are eager participants in this Grind bands fevered brutality there is a lot on offer, that being eleven tracks of truly ferocious savagery, hell-bent on destruction and all played out at a break neck tempo with the maximum amount of violence and aggression that you’d expect to find within an Italian football crowd.

From the short and sour ‘The Mechanics Of Genocide’ and ripping through tracks equally as direct as ’30 Days Of Ketamine’ and the oh so true ‘Man Is The Problem’ before finishing with the bitter finale of ‘Resentment’, ‘Split Second Extinction’ is eleven tracks of sinister grinding vindictiveness that never loosens its vice like grip on your hearing and never modifies its pace for anyone. Here then is a solid wall of power, aggression and the desire to hurt, dominate and destroy!


Luke Hayhurst

One Response to “Human Cull – Split Second Extinction”

  1. Cheers for the review guys, but I’d just like to point out that this cd was released on Goatprayer records, not Torn Flesh.


    Edd/Human Cull.

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