ONHEIL announces new album – “STORM IS COMING”

Dutch Blackened Metal masters ONHEIL announces the  recording of their next album ‘Storm Is Coming’! The band has just entered the  studio together with producers Bart Hennephof (TEXTURES) and Yuma van Eekelen  (EXIVIOUS, ex-PESTILENCE) to record the follow-up to their underground classic  ‘Razor’. This new epos will be released by German Metal specialists CYCLONE EMPIRE this fall.

ONHEIL is known for having three guitarists and the  new set of songs take full advantage of this triple axe attack. “Because of this  the album will also sound like a raging storm”, vocalist/guitarist Amok comments. “But as  there are many different kind of storms, definitely do not expect one long  blastbeat. We still play our diverse mix of Black, Thrash, Death and Heavy  Metal.”

A video of ‘Nemesis’  Light Fading’, one of their best known tracks from the previous album ‘Razor’  can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0d7suREMN8



Short bio:

Onheil entered the metal scene in 1999 and released their first demo  in that same year. With another demo in 2002, a Mini CD on an small underground  label in 2003 and their rare but intense live shows the band grew their  reputation in the Dutch and Belgium underground. Unfortunately  the band got into some serious line-up problems in 2004/2005.

It took the band untill 2007 to get up to full speed again, forming a  new and steady line-up. The return was announced with a first music video and a  wide range of live shows with bands like VADER, MAYHEM, EMTOMBED and BELPHEGOR.  This caught the attention of German metal record label CYCLONE EMPIRE releasing  ONHEIL’s full-lenght album RAZOR in 2009.

RAZOR was received extremely well getting high ratings by the media  almost everywhere. With this succes ONHEIL was able to share the stage with  CANNIBAL CORPSE, AUTOPSY, WATAIN, THE DEVILS BLOOD, ASPHYX, NAPALM DEATH, DYING  FETUS, KRISIUN, ROTTING CHRIST and appeared on festivals such as PARTY.SAN OPEN  AIR, METAL MEAN,  BRUTZ&BRAKEL  FEST, OCCULTFEST, ZABBADUSCHER and GAHLEN MOSHT OPEN AIR.

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