Metallica drummer in documentary “Mission To Lars”

Mission to Lars is a documentary like no other, a disabled man breaks out of his care home with the help of his brother to travel to America to meet his hero, Lars Ulrich of Metallica. Tom Spicer suffers from Fragile syndrome X, which is a type of Autism, and a massive case of obsession with Lars Ulrich. His filmmaker brother and journalist Sister spring him and take him on a journey to meet his hero. The group undergo trials and tribulations due to their Brothers disability and their dysfunctions but soldier on through gigs and backstage areas just hoping for a glimpse of the man himself.

The movie which will have a limited run is a look into the lives and those who live with disabilities and all money raised will be donated to charity. Any and all music and media used was donated free, from bands like Kasabian and Huey from the Fun Loving Criminals.

Mission To Lars is looking like the surprise documentary of the year and is touching and moving, it will be released later in 2012.

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