Tombstones – Year Of The Burial

Band: Tombstones

Album: Year Of The Burial

Release Date: 20/04/2012

Genre: Stoner Doom Metal

Label: Soul Seller Records

I never feel more within my element than when I have a stoner doom metal band to listen too. Having listened to the first couple of minutes of ‘Year Of The Burial’ by Norwegian stoner doom filth lords Tombstones I am now feeling right at home, my headphones on and the volume turned up high, surrounded by the fuzz and the static, the tuned low bass and the filth ridden riff-age. Everything feels right with the world in a down trodden kind of way and I realise that I should probably take a deep look within myself because music this mired in gloom, depression and murk should not make me feel good, but it really does! Opening track ‘Unveiling’ is exactly that, an unveiling of Tombstones inner most world, their music laid out and brought forth to wash over you in wave after wave of splendid grime and degradation. It warms the cockles of my heart it really does.

That is enough of my strange perversions though. For an idea of the Tombstone sound think a groovier version of the late great Reverend Bizarre but with their own stamp on things and that should see you into the right ball-park. ‘Year Of The Burial’ is a stone cold solid slab of crushing doom goodness. It pummels, pulverizes and pounds on your ears for what seems like an eternity but in actual fact is simply not long enough. I crave more than six tracks but I know you should not spoil a good thing, and this is a good thing. Oh yes. Steps you need to take to prepare yourself for the Tombstone experience. number one, a warm dark room, preferably with some lit candles to add atmosphere. Step two, relax and get comfortable. Step three, partake in a substance that seems forbidden. Once you have obeyed these three simple rules then press play and enjoy the crushing waves of doom that flow over you, relish in its traditional sound and the deep bass play that makes your hair stand on end and your body tingle. Play it loud, experience its fuzz and it’s thoroughly demonic vibe. Enjoy the darkness and let ‘Year Of The Burial’ fill the void around you.


Luke Hayhurst

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