Banshee replaces Benedictum on the Warriors of Metal Fest Roster

Amelia, Ohio, April 17, 2012.  Warriors of Metal, Inc. is sad to  announce a cancellation and yet elated to announce an exciting  replacement on the roster of the Warriors Of Metal Fest V Open Air to  take place on June 29th & 30th at the Frontier Ranch in Pataskala,  Ohio this summer.


WOM Fest IV Open Air veteran  Veronica Freeman of Benedictum contacted Warriors of Metal, Inc.  last night with the following statement: “Benedictum will not be able  to attend the WOM Festival this year. We do so regret this and want  everyone to know how much we love and support Datis and his efforts and every sponsor and fan that helps to make this  festival happen.  Our schedule will need to remain open at that time to  facilitate work on the new album and work around some tight scheduling.  We wish each and every band an amazing time and each and every fan throw  your fists in the air in support of this event!!  Love to everyone.  V /  Benedictum”


While we are saddened by this turn of  events, we do understand Benedictum’s tight scheduling issues, wish  them well and hope for a great 4th album from them.  We are, therefore, privileged to announce that former Metal Blade and Atlantic Records  recording artists of Banshee (currently with Snowblind Productions) will replace Benedictum on our line-up this  year.  Banshee  has come back together after 21 years to record their 4th album called  “Mindslave” which is slated to be released within the next couple of  months.


This will be Banshee’s very first Open Air  Metalfest appearance since the release of their new album and it is  interesting to note that the 3 year WOM Fest veteran vocalist, George  Call (ex-Omen) of Aska & Violent Storm will now be attending his 4th  consecutive year at Warriors of Metal Fest Open Air for his 5th  performance at our Fest with 3 different bands!!!  Aska headlined the  Friday night of WOM Fest II in 2009, George sang with Omen, headlining  the Friday night of WOM Fest III, and he sand with Aska, co-headlining  the Saturday night of WOM Fest III in 2010 with Cage, and of course Aska  headlined the Saturday night of WOM Fest IV in 2011!  So now we welcome  George Call back among our Metal family, friends and fans as he fronts  the return to form of the late  80s Power Metallers of Banshee.  We would like to thank Chuck Hopkins  of Banshee for giving us this opportunity to showcase his band at our  Metalfest this year. 

Banshee has an officially  unreleased track called “Unearthed” on the Warriors of Metal Fest V Open  Air 2012 Double CD Compilation that will be availabe to 2000 fans  attending Keep It True XV Festival in Germany in less than 2 week’s time  and all the fans attending the Warriors Of Metal Fest V Open Air this  year.  Tickets are available at

  Weekend passes for adults (17 and up) are just $50 and Weekend 4-Packs for  adults (groups of 4 people) are only $40 per person. Adult single day tickets  are $30 for each day and $25 per person in a 4-Pack for a single day ticket.  Teenager tickets (11-16) are only $15 for the whole weekend, Friday only or  Saturday only. Kids under 11 get in for free. Camping is free and ticket buyers  can also pre-order their Fest t-shirts at the time of their ticket  purchase.

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