Bleeding Red – Evolution’s Crown

Band: Bleeding Red
Album:Evolution’s Crown
Release date: March 2012
Genre: Death Metal/ Thrash Metal
Label: Rock Road Records

‘Evolution’s Crown’ is the debut album from the German death metal band Bleeding Red. It follows their self-titled EP and the ‘Unmaster’ demo.

The opening track ‘Bloodforce’ offers a promising start with its well executed guitar riffs and drums. So far so good (as far as instrumentals go) but hopefully there will be some vocals soon. And here they come…’The Running Man’ puts Bleeding Red firmly in the melodic death metal category with growly vocals and guitars akin to pre-Viking era Amon Amarth or Suidakra mixed with the melodic parts of Equilibrium.

The album also features a few faster, more thrash metal – esque tracks such as ‘Wasted Screams’ which stands out due to the guitar solo towards the end of the song. The chorus to the next track ‘Thoughtcrime’ has a way of sticking in your head and the guitar riffs and occassional solos make it ideal for headbanging. ‘Unmaster’ offers more of the same despite the slow start. The melodic part half-way through the track acts as a good interlude for the somewhat tired members of the mosh-pit and the catchy chorus ensures that you won’t forget this song anytime soon.

Then there are those tracks which do exactly what it says on the tin such as the instrumental ‘Calm Before The Storm’ which lives up to its namesake. Another noteworthy track is the melodic ‘Frequencies’ which features a winning combination of melodic death metal with what feels like a symphonic backdrop.


Iza Raittila

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