Sworn To Oath – Stand Alone [Single]

Band: Sworn To Oath
Single: Stand Alone
Release date: April 2012
Genre: Metal
Label: Unsigned

Sworn To Oath have fast become one of the most talked about bands in the British metal scene. They’ve been compared to acts such as Audioslave and Pantera. Their new single Stand Alone is due to be released later this month.

The song begins with one of the members screaming, in an almost post-hardcore manner, “I Stand Alone” before a furious onslaught of riffs and tight drumming blasts through the speakers like a bomb hitting the ground. The mix of clean yet somewhat rough melodic vocals and screams really gives the song that keep on fighting spirit that accompanies the music well. The riffs still carry the strong sound that the trio have worked hard to establish whilst differing somewhat from the Leave You For Dead EP at the same time. There’s a slight Pantera sound in the solo while the riffs have a more in-your-face Machine Head feel. The drums are virtually flawless, keeping in check with the rest of the song and adding that much needed bit of violence to charge along side the furious, behemoth guitar and bass work.

For a song that’s only two and a half minutes long, Stand Alone kicks some major ass. Once again, Sworn To Oath have impressed me. I’m hoping that their next release tears up the place as much as this single does.

Nico Davidson

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