Before My Damnation – Drowning My Daughters

Band: Before My Damnation
Album: Drowning My Daughters

Release date: Late 2011
Genre: Deathcore
Label: Self-released 

There are metal bands popping up all around the world now and then. Some of them pass by so quickly you have forgotten most of them seconds after one took notice of them, while other configurations remain so unforgettable that it seems their conceptual metal sound indoctrinated into the range of blood as a poison. One act that falls into the later category is the progressive deathcore dossier Before My Damnation, released their debut EP Drowning My Daughters in late 2011.

Actually it would suffice with the description as it appears on the band’s Facebook page “Brutal but stylish,” what this dynamic subject matter is concerned, it’s technically pretty superbly designed death metal with the specific “northern sound” which among other things found in Soreption, AEON, that emerges quite strongly in this deathcore band consisting of five youngsters: Johan Söderström (Vocals), Gustav Hallström (guitar), Mattias Asberg Gencturk (guitar), Simon Still Farm (Bass) and Benjamin Martinsson (drums). Even fragmentally flooded the streets of loops you’ve heard before, it is mostly like a breath of fresh air as wines by the dynamic structure. The album was recorded at Empire Studios in June, 2011, led by Marcus Edvardsson, which was responsible for mastering etc. Summary Summarum – this album is a killer overloaded with dynamic eargasm sound!

The heavy fast and furious sound that appears in the ljudbilden is overwelming and “it just makes me wanna die”!


Demonlithia Blackheart

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