Velvetcult – Electric Tree

Band: Velvetcult
Album: Electric Tree
Release date: April 2012 (International)
Genre: Electronic Rock
Label: Secret Entertainment

‘Electric Tree’ is the third full length from the Finnish melancholic, electro-rock band Velvetcult. The band’s frontman, Tomi cites Placebo, Nine Inch Nails and Muse amongst his influences for this particular release.

The opening track ‘Climbing Up The Electronic Tree’ is a perfect match to the band’s description. The sombre and slow intro gives in to Nine Inch Nails -esque industrial rock with guitars laced with samples and synthesizer noise. The next track ‘Pulse of the Earth’ has more of an indie rock feel to it due its radio-friendly guitar riffs and whispery vocals. Comparisons to Muse and newer Katatonia spring to mind though this is not a carbon copy of either.

‘Heroic Symphony’ features an interesting mix of Muse -esque vocals and electronic sounds along with more indie rock style guitar riffs. ‘Heavy To Climb’ (parts I & II) are the closest thing Velvetcult has to a ballad. The whimpering vocals and soft guitars on these tracks give them a very melancholic feel.

One track which stands out from the others is the catchy, guitar-driven ‘Farewell and Goodbye’ which marks a short-lived return to the industrial/electronic sound with vocals that owes more to goth rock or early electronica than Muse. If only the rest of the album sounded like this…


Iza Raittila

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