Concrete Lung – Die Dreaming (single)

Band: Concrete Lung
Album: Die Dreaming single
Release date: April 2012
Genre: Industrial/Powernoise
Label: Armalyte Records

Fans of synthpop and dance-floor friendly Aggrotech, please look away now and cover your ears!!!

For those still with us…Die Dreaming’ is the new single from the nihilistic, industrial noise band Concrete Lung. It follows their debut album ‘Visions of Hell’ and it is available on 7” vinyl only, limited to just 250 copies with mp3 download codes.

The title track ‘Die Dreaming’ makes for some serious uneasy listening with its eerie vocals and raw industrial noises. It’s hard to pinpoint what the vocals remind me of …they are like a bizarre mix between early Skinny Puppy and Attila from Mayhem! ‘Communal Slave’ is somewhat easier to stomach. Here the music produces a haunting atmosphere with the keyboards, bass guitar and drums luring the listener towards the abyss the whilst the vocalist howls a like beast.

The howling and chanting alone is enough to cause shivers down my spine!

3.5/5- it freaks me out but that could be a good thing!

Iza Raittila

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