Skarlett Riot- Villain [EP]

Band: Skarlett Riot
Album: Villain
Release Date: March 2012
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Self-released

‘Villain’ is the new EP from the British rock band Skarlett Riot.

“Party Hard” offers a promising start to the EP with its well executed guitar riffs and the female vocals which cement it position as radio-friendly rock. Nothing super-heavy but at least they’re good at what they do. “Read My Lips” is a catchy track which sounds like an anthem for teenage girls who like to sing in front of the mirror. And let’s face it, the chorus is so catchy who wouldn’t want to do that!

“You’re The Enemy” features some good guitar solos whilst the title track “Villain” offers more catchy melodies and well executed female vocals. The vocal parts in “Take It Away” remind me of “Celebrity Skin”-era Hole, whilst the music is infused with a healthy dose of classic rock.

Just when I thought there’s no point paying attention to female fronted rock bands ‘cos they all sound the same’, a band like Skarlett Riot shows up to prove me wrong!


Iza Raittila

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