RAM – Death

Artist: RAM
Album: Death  
Release Date: January 2012
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records

Death came early this year. In all cases, in a  metalised way. The Swedish “Heavy Metal Tyranny” band RAM, which was formed in 1999,and released its third studio recorded beast at the beginning of the year. Although not usually ranges Heavy Metal as often as it might be, are of this article is definitely ONE of them to become gradually euphoric off. Intro melody – Death, is strongly reminiscent of call-up to the funeral, which later on results in a transformation when missibly swayed by the interconnected track – “… Comes From The Mouth Beyond” the fragmental ominous stanzas, all constructed in the framework of the  more or less classical heavymetal ..
The real “tyrannical”  sound is being delivered on one of the really heavy compositions, “I Am The End” and you end up permanently in a hypnosis acceptable condition after every interception of Flame Of The Tyrant, which is a hell of a brutal type jingle! Not To forget “Defiant”, which is most like a monstrous killer track.

This album is definitely a must for true Heavy Metal bastards .. I still got the shivers of pleasure, with the somewhat quieter “Frozen,” a song that leaves its mark in the form of rivulets after the creeps who softly touched the skin .. And “Under The Scythe” is also one of the fucking heavy metal beasts ever been composed today



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