Interview: Hordagaard

‘In Norway there are plenty blackmetalacts. One of them is Hordagaard, which started as a project by the one and only (member) Fauk:


Hordagaard started as a project in 1999 and the year after (2000) the spinning carousel started more bloody serious .. What did you do before the project started in earnest?

– I didn´t do shit really.I was a young teenager with loads of ideas.Me and some friends formed a heavy metal band.Old Metallica style.I played drums.Later we changed over to black metal and we made some demos and later on I quit and started Hordagaard on full time.

Have you ever involved session musicians during recording?

– Guestvocal have been done on the 1st mini-album by a friend of mine, which did some vocal on the Sorgeskog song. And lately I´ve used the vocalist from Wotankeld on my latest work. The upcoming album contains his voice on many songs.on the “Choose Your Path” album.
Who would you involve as live ritual musicians?

– Heh…no comment.
Dream venue to perform a ritual show at were:

– Oh…How about the Stonehenge under the fullmoon?
In what region do you think your most dedicated supporters are?

– From my point of view I would say the darkside of the Bible. Some are into the Pagan way of living.

Largest source of inspiration?

– I have many inspirations really. My inner self. The history of Norway infects me a lot. Some religion and meanings about that.Kosmos.Humans basicly…and the behavior.
If one looks back, is there any album you would like to record again from scratch?

– No…what´s done, are not to be spoken of…the future path lies ahead.
Suppose you could get the chance again to meet a historical figure, who would it be and why?

– That´s a tough one…hmm.I cant say a specific person. But I would really like to meet the old shamans in the age of the Vikings.In seach for answers.
What would you give for advice to kids who start bands today?

– .Kids…Don’t try to be something your not. Have fun and create memories. Don´t fight over details, and work together. Don´t forget that the vocalist are always in the front;)
Northern icy cold, subterranean heat wave, east or west thunder storm?

– .Thunder and storms!
Hordagaard about Swedish bm vs Norwegian bm .. which is most true?

– Hmm…There are good BM bands and bad BM bands from all over the globe. I don’t have any opinions on that really.Swedish black metal = speedy drums?
Is there any region that could be considered equally “true” as the creation of bm?

– Every soul has a picture of religion.For that man its “real”. But does it exist? Who knows…

What do you do in the current situation? New record work in progress perhaps?

– Actually yes! I have plans to record a new album again soon. Looking forward to that. Haven´t decided what style this time. Maybe ill just let my fantasy do the job. Don´t know when its ready.
Any last toxic words to the fans?

– Who are YOU? And who are you behind your eyes?




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