Interview: Endre Moe [2012]

Nico settles down for some friendly Q and A with Endre Moe, current bassist for Norwegian symphonic black metallers Trail of Tears.

Nico: What made you want to be in a band?

Endre: Ever since I was a young I’ve dreamed about playing in a band. I remember sitting at home watching music videos and wished I was one of the guys on TV. As I very early became interested in playing (drums at that time) it was only natural to start playing in a band after a while.

N: Why did you choose bass and how long have you been playing bass?

E: I started playing drums when I was very young. I played all the time, and I also played with some friends in a band as well. I taught myself how to play the piano, guitar and bass in the same period and I also played in a marching band for seven years. From when I was 15 years to 19 I had a period without playing at all… In 2000 a very good friend of mine asked if I wanted to start a new band and play bass. After that day, I focused 100% on bass playing. I remember I practiced 3-4 hours every day for several years.

N: What’s the current status of Trail of Tears?

E: There is a LOT going on as we speak. We were on tour in China in November and December, and we are working constantly with the new record now. We will also have with auditions for a new drummer. And beside this we are in full swing to book festivals and tours.

N: Any plans for a follow-up to ‘Bloodstained Endurance’?

E: Yes, there is a new record this year. We are working to finish the record now, but some work remains. This will be a symphonic album with a dark undertone and catchy riffs.We have posted some short clips on

N: Which Trail of Tears song do you feel defines the band?

E: Hmm, that is a really tough question, but I think it must be a song from the album “A new dimension of might”. If I have to chose it must be “Obedience In the Absence of logic”. This is a song that has everything. The hard verse, fast drums,opera vocal, the riffs and the mighty orchestration.

N:What are your plans for 2012?

E: Get the new record out, and tour! He he

N:If you could replace the soundtrack to any film with Trail of Tears’  music, which film would it be and why?

E: A horror movie with Bruce Campbell. Just because I am a fan of Bruce and I think we could do some crazy symphonic things to add to his movies.

N: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

E: Must be to tour In the US. For me it was a dream come true to play at some of the well known places in the music history. We toured there for one month in 2008, and I have only good memories.

N: Has the departure of Pål Olsen affected the song writing process in any way?

E: Not at all. When he quit the band we were in the process of making new songs so it just felt natural to keep on going without him.

N: Are there any plans for a UK tour in the future?

E: Nothing is booked yet, but it’s not impossible at all. Last time we played in UK was in 2009.

N: Are there any bands in your local area that you’d recommend our readers check out?

E: Cutthroat and Dimension F3h. Hehe, these are the two other bands that I play in.

N: Do you anything to say to any of your fans or the readers?

E: Support metal and read Valkyrian Music!

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