DECIMATUS – The Betrayer

Album: The Betrayer
Release date: January 2012
Genre: Heavy / Thrash Metal
Label: BlueFreya


It seems that Melbourne, Australia, gave up on heavy metal. But five guys refused to accept it and decided to start a band and play “the music they love that no one else is playing”. So here’s the first recorded effort of those guys, who call themselves DECIMATUS.

Don’t let the delicate melody of “The Stand Off” deceive you. It’s just an intro, and the proof that they know more than just shredding away. Which is what they do on the following song, the title-track “The Betrayer”, old school thrash metal style. Loud guitars, militant screams (both main and backup), and the bass line is powerful enough that doesn’t get smothered by the heavy drums.

“Bury You” follows the same path, while “Of The Wicked” tries a bit less aggressive approach, or at least a different kind of aggression, with some whispered and spoken vocals and cranking guitar riffs still keeping it heavy.

“Killing Time” stands up for its title, being the fastest track of this batch, and “Decimate” the “darkest”- a song that will hardly start a mosh pit but will keep the heads banging from beginning to end.


Renata “Pieni” Lino

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  1. cross cut shredder…

    […]DECIMATUS – The Betrayer « Valkyrian Music[…]…

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