Coprolith – Hate Infected

Band: Coprolith
Album: Hate Infected
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Label: Violent Journey Records

Coprolith is a Blackened Death Metal band from Porvoo, Finland, which have delivered their extreme art of melancholy and despair since 2001.

The murdering debut album “Cold Grief Relief” was released in June 2010 and as an appetizer of the forthcoming album, scheduled for a fall release 2012 the band offers an EP, entitled Hate Infected, consisting 3 tracks:




It is a tremendous furious turbulence that erupts with the massive sound of the opening track, Hate Infected,  but then there is a somehow surprising transformation. The pace will slow down slightly during the middle portion, which almost has the same function as a rhythmic doomy lullaby, without sacrificing any fragments occasionally to prevent one from falling into total  hypnosis-like state. Since barks the stick right out into a barren wilderness that rings familiar Viking metal-like, type something like a mixture with strong indications of i.e Keep Of Kalessin and Amon Amarth. With some peculiar peak torque of EP as a whole, it is difficult to digest lukewarm composition leaves a lot left to be desired. More ROUGH-MANNERED aggression in the style of Sorghegard might be out of place ..

rating: 3/5

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