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Gorod – A Perfect Absolution [2012]

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Band: Gorod
Album: A Perfect Absolution
Release Date: March 2012
Genre: Progressive Death Metal/Jazz
Label: Listenable Records

It’s not every day that you come across a French metal act [unless you actually follow the French metal scene in the same manner that people follow their favourite celebs on twitter], so it was a shock I found Gorod’s upcoming album in my e-mails. The band are described as progressive death metal and jazz on their official Facebook and they’ve been around since ‘97 – Originally formed under the moniker Gorgasm (sounds like the name of a dodgy pornographic snuff film, doesn’t it?). Anyway, Gorod’s newest release A Perfect Absolute, due for release in March, is based on the history of 10th century Kiev. More specifically, in the year 945 when Igor, King of Kiev was murdered (probably in a brutal manner) while collecting a “tribute” while visiting his Pagan neighbours the Derevlians, who lived in a forest. After the incident, his widow, Olga, avenged him in an extremely harsh manner before converting to Orthodox Christianity. That’s your history lesson for today, readers.

I find the genius combination of subtle birds singing and tragic orchestration to work well as a build up for the main part of “Birds Of Sulphur”. The guitars virtually smash it up with strong back up from the drums and vocals. The melodic licks are quite reminiscent of Lamb of God and to a broader extent, Amon Amarth.  The second half of the track sounds more along the lines of Death, only heavier and faster. “Sailing into the Earth” stomps on the ears with its guitar work like a herd of raging elephants, the only different being is that the former is much more pleasing on the ears, especially the brutalising use of drums. The third track “Elements and Spirit” might sound like the name of some sort of Wiccan book of shadows but musically, it’s more on the power metal-meets-Mario sounding side of things with a hint of Children of Bodom mixed in with it as well provided by the keyboards – though this could be a sound caused by the 70s jazz influences. The most shocking thing about this track is the vocals… Don’t worry, they’re still barbaric enough to melt your next door neighbour’s face but as I was saying, the vocals do come as a shock due to the slight use of clean vocals for one line and then a more semi-raw vocal style later on.

The vicious sounding axe-work and thundering rhythm sections of “The Axe of God” are to the ears like flagons of mead are to a Viking: Pure enjoyment. The solo reminds me, for some strange reason, of Megadeth while the slower section seems to have a sense of grandeur mixed with sorrow. “5000 at the Funeral” take the album down the slow lane with a solemn, possibly jazz-like musing of guitars, strings and piano giving the album a unique sound compared to most death metal releases. The percussion seems to be quite industrial and alternative before the wailing of Arch Enemy-sounding riffs hurl themselves into the fray with an epic-yet-harsh narration that gradually evolves into a fierce snarling roar of metallic growls. For the most part, the track seems very drum-orientated which will please any drummers that listen to the album. And for any guitarists reading this, don’t worry, there’s plenty of neck-braking riffs.

The romantically named “Carved In The Wind” brings back the epic, poweresque guitar sections mixed in with the overpowering vocal work and bonecrushing rhythm section. The track is pre-dominantly Lamb of God sounding, especially towards the end which does make the song as tasteless as water. Nearing the end comes “Vangarian Paradise” which really does spice up the album with its mix of metal and funky jazzed up riffs. The snarling roars that are the vocals oddly sound brilliant with the unique sounds on the track. The album coms to its end with “Tribute In Blood” which is a dangerously good mixture of blasphemous vocals and demonic riffs as well a brilliant way to finish the album.

Gorod are certainly masters of their trade when it comes to welding together metal and jazz into an unholy yet enjoyable union of blasphemous, face-melting music and “A Perfect Absolution” is no different. Gorod literally take the good parts of 70s jazz and death metal to create the masterpiece that is this album.


Nico Davidson

Interview: Lost Effect [2012]

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Lost Effect started out back in ‘08, surprising the York music scene with their unique blend of influences and staunch vocal vocal. Four years on, Lost Effect are set to reach higher goals. Nico has a chat a quick chat with the band.

Photo by David Ferret Taylor.
Nico: How did Lost Effect come to be?

Lost Effect: Lost Effect formed from the ashes of female fronted metal band Arkandur (formed by Steve Wells and ex-Lost Effect guitarist Carl Barker). Arkandur got themselves a good live following supporting bands such as Rise to Addiction and The Prophecy. With a few members departing, the band decided to re-brand themselves and take a heavier musical direction and also include a harsh vocal style to compliment the female vocals that Arkandur had already been using. This band became Lost Effect.

N: What would you say are the biggest influences on Lost Effect’s music?

LE: The metal genre as a whole is just one huge influence on Lost Effect, our personal influences incorporate a wide range of music and styles. As far as metal bands are concerned, Lost Effect owe a fair amount to Nightwish for kick-starting mine and Carl’s interest in female-fronted metal and forming a band to emulate them. Otherwise Lost Effect try to combine the best of new and classic metal styles to create something unique. Influences could be Black Sabbath one week and Amon Amarth the next.

N: How does the song writing process goes when it comes to writing new material?

LE: Usually, one member of the band will come to band practice with some riffs/lyrics ideas. Once we have that platform to start from the rest of the band will then put their input in and craft their own parts around this base. Sometimes though, one band member will just come in with a whole song and orchestrate the whole thing. Either way we all have active roles in the writing process.

N: With the addition of new vocalist, Emily, do you feel that Lost Effect will reach greater heights than before?

LE: We definitely hope so. It has nothing to do with previous singer Beth’s abilities as Beth was a great singer and an amazing individual, but now we have Emily up to speed with everything, we’re hoping she can bring whatever it is we need to elevate ourselves to the next level.

N: Lost Effect recently recorded the “Salvation of One” EP, what were the most enjoyable and most detestable parts of the recording process?

LE: The recording process is always a love/hate deal. The actual recording itself was dead straightforward, we had many great 1st takes and very little mistakes. The problems we had came during the mixing/editing period as Dave & Steve Wells produced the E.P themselves, it just took a lot longer than expected. We’re really happy with the end result, but seen as though it took a while to actually release, we’re itching to record again right away as we feel we’ve written much better songs since those on the E.P.

N: What are the band’s plans for the rest of the year?

LE: This year is hopefully going to be bigger than anything we’ve ever done before. We’ve played the York venues over and over and we’re really looking to expand our horizons and gig all over, wherever we can! We’ve also been talking very hush hush about perhaps making our next recording our first album. We basically hope to just gig our asses off and get the Lost Effect name out there. We ended 2011 on a high being played on the DJ Beerman show on Top Rock Radio to some great reactions. We’re hoping to bring people some exciting things regarding Lost Effect his year.

Orpheus to support Amon Amarth on Australian tour

Posted in News on 25th January 2012 by Nico Solheim-Davidson

Melbourne-based melo-death metallers ORPHEUS have just been confirmed as the support act for AMON AMARTH’S Australian “Surtur Rising” tour in April, later this year.

For more info:

Pergana – The Mirror of Silence EP

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Band: Pergana
Album: The Mirror of Silence
Release year: 2011
Genre: Gothic Metal

‘The Mirror of Silence’ is the debut EP from the gothic metal band Pergana.

The first track ‘Let the Silence Sing’ is exactly what one might expect to hear from a gothic metal band. Melodic guitar riffs and symphonic metal keyboards? Check. Operatic, old Nightwish – style female vocals? Check. At least they have a competent singer which is more than I can say for many of the other Nightwish clones around at the moment.

‘Frozen Heart’ is in the same vein with the addition of the occasional Machine Head style guitar riff. The only difference is that this time the vocals remind more of Within Temptation than Nightwish. The next track, ‘Romance Secrêt’ stands out for two reasons: firstly because it’s sung in French and secondly because it’s a lullaby featuring pleasant violin and piano sounds which accompany the female vocals. The result is a very tranquil atmosphere that lulls the listener to sleep.

The atmospheric intro to the final track ‘The Eyes of a Beast’ reminds me of what Nightwish used to sound like back in their heyday. The keyboards work especially well here as do the guitar solos and the combination of male and female vocals. There’s only one major problem with this arrangement – they sound like Nightwish!!

3/5 – Not bad but severely lacking in originality.

Iza Raittila

Dakesis to support EDGUY at HMV Institute, Birmingham

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Birmingham prog-power metallers DAKESIS have been confirmed for the highly coveted opening slot with German metal legends EDGUY on the Birmingham date of their February UK Tour. This is no doubt another epic chapter to be written in the band’s ever growing saga.

Having been fans of EDGUY for many years, DAKESIS are understandably excited about the prospect of sharing a stage with their heroes. Front-man Wayne commented: “We’re just so overwhelmed to be given the opportunity to share a stage with a band as influential on our sound as EDGUY. We’re going to bring a great show to kick off what promises to be a truly memorable night!”

With DAKESIS recently releasing their début album [review can be found here], and planning a string of live dates, festivals and tours for 2012 [including the headlining slot at our very own Valkyrian Festival this year, which will be in aid of Autism Plus], this opportunity is a great way to kick off the year for one of the UK’s finest metal acts.

Dakesis are Wayne Dorman, Gemma Lawler, Matt Jones, Amie Chatterley and Adam Harris. The band’s web-page has photos, upcoming dates and bio information on the band

Dakesis are also in the voting for February’s band of the month. You can vote for them here.

You can find their website at

Tickets for the event are available from

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Goddass – The Ages Come EP

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Band: Goddass
Album: The Ages Come EP
Release year: 2011
Genre: Rock

‘The Ages Come’ is the new EP from the London based, Anglo-Italian rock quartet Goddass, which features Henry Rundell (ex- Voodoo Six). The EP acts as a teaser to the upcoming full length and is currently available to download for free from the band’s website for a limited time only.

The first track ‘Make You Sweat’ features a good intro, catchy guitar riffs and an equally catchy chorus. The guitar solo works well here too. The undisputed highlight of the EP, ‘Getaway’ sounds like the perfect track to start a gig with as it has all the right ingredients needed to warm up a crowd. Once again the chorus is so catchy it’s tempting to sing along.

The next track ‘No One’ features a great intro and good guitar riffs but lacks the catchy vocal style present in previous song. Whilst the result isn’t too bad overall I doubt that this song would work well when played live. The same cannot be said for the title track however. ‘The Ages Come’ may not be as catchy as the first two tracks, but it has a certain epic ‘ballad’ feel to it that makes it memorable.

Overall this is a very good EP and I wish Goddass all the best of luck with the new album!


Iza Raittila

Pilgrim Launch Title Track

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PILGRIM will be launching the title track from their debut album, Misery Wizard, today. Fans can preview the 10 minute plus doom epic HERE.

Rhode Island’s PILGRIM are the latest addition to the Metal Blade roster via Alan Nemtheanga’s imprint, Poison Tongue Records. The doom trio consists of: Krolg Splinterfist, Slayer of Men on drums, Count Elric the Soothsayer on bass guitar and The Wizard on guitar and vocals. The band will be performing on a string of dates on the east coast this March. The confirmed dates so far are available below.

Misery Wizard is available for pre-order now and will be released in North America on February 14th, 2012.

Misery on the Road — World Tour 2012
03/01 Brooklyn, NY  Public Assembly
03/02 Philadelphia, PA  JR’s Bar
03/03 Washington DC  St. Stephen’s Church
03/04 Richmond, VA  Strange Matter
05/03 Copenhagen, Denmark Heavy Days in Doom Town festival