Pergana – The Mirror of Silence EP

Band: Pergana
Album: The Mirror of Silence
Release year: 2011
Genre: Gothic Metal

‘The Mirror of Silence’ is the debut EP from the gothic metal band Pergana.

The first track ‘Let the Silence Sing’ is exactly what one might expect to hear from a gothic metal band. Melodic guitar riffs and symphonic metal keyboards? Check. Operatic, old Nightwish – style female vocals? Check. At least they have a competent singer which is more than I can say for many of the other Nightwish clones around at the moment.

‘Frozen Heart’ is in the same vein with the addition of the occasional Machine Head style guitar riff. The only difference is that this time the vocals remind more of Within Temptation than Nightwish. The next track, ‘Romance Secrêt’ stands out for two reasons: firstly because it’s sung in French and secondly because it’s a lullaby featuring pleasant violin and piano sounds which accompany the female vocals. The result is a very tranquil atmosphere that lulls the listener to sleep.

The atmospheric intro to the final track ‘The Eyes of a Beast’ reminds me of what Nightwish used to sound like back in their heyday. The keyboards work especially well here as do the guitar solos and the combination of male and female vocals. There’s only one major problem with this arrangement – they sound like Nightwish!!

3/5 – Not bad but severely lacking in originality.

Iza Raittila

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