Interview: Lost Effect [2012]

Lost Effect started out back in ‘08, surprising the York music scene with their unique blend of influences and staunch vocal vocal. Four years on, Lost Effect are set to reach higher goals. Nico has a chat a quick chat with the band.

Photo by David Ferret Taylor.
Nico: How did Lost Effect come to be?

Lost Effect: Lost Effect formed from the ashes of female fronted metal band Arkandur (formed by Steve Wells and ex-Lost Effect guitarist Carl Barker). Arkandur got themselves a good live following supporting bands such as Rise to Addiction and The Prophecy. With a few members departing, the band decided to re-brand themselves and take a heavier musical direction and also include a harsh vocal style to compliment the female vocals that Arkandur had already been using. This band became Lost Effect.

N: What would you say are the biggest influences on Lost Effect’s music?

LE: The metal genre as a whole is just one huge influence on Lost Effect, our personal influences incorporate a wide range of music and styles. As far as metal bands are concerned, Lost Effect owe a fair amount to Nightwish for kick-starting mine and Carl’s interest in female-fronted metal and forming a band to emulate them. Otherwise Lost Effect try to combine the best of new and classic metal styles to create something unique. Influences could be Black Sabbath one week and Amon Amarth the next.

N: How does the song writing process goes when it comes to writing new material?

LE: Usually, one member of the band will come to band practice with some riffs/lyrics ideas. Once we have that platform to start from the rest of the band will then put their input in and craft their own parts around this base. Sometimes though, one band member will just come in with a whole song and orchestrate the whole thing. Either way we all have active roles in the writing process.

N: With the addition of new vocalist, Emily, do you feel that Lost Effect will reach greater heights than before?

LE: We definitely hope so. It has nothing to do with previous singer Beth’s abilities as Beth was a great singer and an amazing individual, but now we have Emily up to speed with everything, we’re hoping she can bring whatever it is we need to elevate ourselves to the next level.

N: Lost Effect recently recorded the “Salvation of One” EP, what were the most enjoyable and most detestable parts of the recording process?

LE: The recording process is always a love/hate deal. The actual recording itself was dead straightforward, we had many great 1st takes and very little mistakes. The problems we had came during the mixing/editing period as Dave & Steve Wells produced the E.P themselves, it just took a lot longer than expected. We’re really happy with the end result, but seen as though it took a while to actually release, we’re itching to record again right away as we feel we’ve written much better songs since those on the E.P.

N: What are the band’s plans for the rest of the year?

LE: This year is hopefully going to be bigger than anything we’ve ever done before. We’ve played the York venues over and over and we’re really looking to expand our horizons and gig all over, wherever we can! We’ve also been talking very hush hush about perhaps making our next recording our first album. We basically hope to just gig our asses off and get the Lost Effect name out there. We ended 2011 on a high being played on the DJ Beerman show on Top Rock Radio to some great reactions. We’re hoping to bring people some exciting things regarding Lost Effect his year.

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