The Black Dahlia Murder w/Support @ Corporation, Sheffield

Bands: The Black Dahlia Murder, Skeletonwitch, Fleshgod Apocalypse
Location: Corporation
Date: 19th January 2012

The Black Dahlia Murder/Skeletonwitch tour was one I’d been looking forward to since it was announced last year, though admittedly I’m only familiar with so much by both Black Dahlia and Skeletonwitch. After my interview with Ryan [which can be viewed here], I proceeded into the main area of the venue just as the masses began entering. The opening act were the Italian symphonic death metal quintet Fleshgod Apocalypse, who you’d think were more classical musicians as opposed to a metal band due to the way they dress on stage (providing you ignore the face paint). The crowd seemed mesmerised by the classical soundings of the keyboards and the ethereal lightshow that blended so mystically with the smoke. The use of strong vocals with vicious guitars were definitely impressive. the highlight of Fleshgod’s set was “The Hypocrisy”, which they’d opened their brutalising set with.

After 15 or so minutes, the American powerhouse of raw, unadulterated savagery Skeletonwitch. The band performed a truly barbaric set, utilising face-melting bass work mixed with roaring guitars and explosive drums. Chance proved he knows how to whip the crowd into a frenzy, especially with songs such as “Repulsive Salvation” – a song that he said is “about not going to church” – and “This Horrifying Form” – apparently about the desire to kill. The sound quality was superb through Skeletonwitch’s set as well. Once they had finished their set, they came down and had some beers with those of us in the crowd.

After a good 20 minutes, the main act of the night, none other than The Black Dahlia Murder, made their way to the stage to be greeted by a wild frenzy of cheers from those donning Black Dahlia shirts. The bassist, Bart, was absent as he’s currently back in the States doing studio stuff with other bands (Don’t worry, he’s still in the band) but the stand-in bassist played just as good as Bart. The frontman, Trevor, looked to be enjoying himself up on stage in between his fierce snarling, hate-fuelled vocal sections. The strong use of riffs from the guitarists was definitely as good as the studio stuff, especially for the performances of “Miasma” and “Necropolis”. The crowd certainly loved it all as they went crazy, even starting a moshpit that consumed the vast majority of the crowd. Black Dahlia, undeniably, have a great live sound and put on a great live show.

Nico Davidson

**Photography by David Ferret Taylor Photography.
Photos of the full show can be viewed

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