Vardlokkur – Articulo Mortis

Band: Vardlokkur

Album: Articulo Mortis

Genre: Pagan, blackmetal

Release: 2012

Denmark may not be the first thing you think of in terms of Black Metal, but on the other hand; the distance to one of the genre´s origins – the neighboring kingdom of Norway (and Sweden & Finland) is not so awfully huge. With a crude but decent audio production, Vardlokkur is pouring six evil, barren spells with Satanic ancestry in the Articulo Mortis album. From the abyss in the most unholy domains, the four demons, Vrede, Saxtorph, Saule and Ynleborgaz made their way up to the crust in order to chock the world with yet another dynamic subject in the true sense is more oldschool than you can say for many bands that abound in the scene today. One of the better tracks are probably “Den Indre Deamon” expressed in the mother tongue and comes with dynamic subtlety and invokes the black blazing flame that had been in a swoon-like state during the cold dark nights. If one were to summarize the subject matter in brief terms would probably be: “The Darkness is reborn by the dawn of a new bright day” .. And I can almost guarantee supporters of genuine rough-mannered oldschool Scandinavian black metal will find Articulos Mortis pleasant worshipping death on a gloomy dusk of the day ..

I give this killer black diamondalbum 4,5/5

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