Sanguine- Live Consume Drive EP (2009)

Band: Sanguine

Album: Live, Consume, Drive EP

Release Year: 2009

Genre: Alternative/Metal

Sanguine’s 3-track EP, released early 2009, is a perfect showcase of this bands’ impressive alt-metal credentials. With splashings of a DIY thrash and almost deathy aesthetic, the EP provides a short but sweet injection of Sanguine’s talents. Vocalist Tarin’s multi faceted voice is stretched on the title track to show the full extent of her abilities, from empassioned clean delivery to her ear shattering ‘banshee wail’, she is a front woman with a considerable amount of talent and her voice is perfectly supported by guitarist Nick Magee providing support with his own vocal skills. Musically, the track is an angry, angst-laden blast of thrashy alternative metal, with an interesting bass line coming in courtesy of Tom Sherwood and a steady, rhythmic attack of crash cymbals from Matt Feld. The pace is slowed down a little during the pre-chorus bridge, but the anger is still represented as Tarin spits the lyrics out, clean and melodic but still powerful. The second track, ‘Simplify’, is a genius slice of metal, reminscent of Tool at their Lateralus best, full of interesting modal changes and variations in pace, offering a dual-vocal line from Nick and Tarin that is somehow both simple and incredibly complex sounding; echoing perfectly the ‘aim to simplify’ as heard in the lyrics. The guitar and basslines are groove-tastic, perfectly complementing the vocal lines and the drums are suitably laid back, providing (if at all possible) a good respite from the tracks either side of it. Finally, ‘Territory’, opening with a quote from ‘The Big Lebowski’, is an angry, thrashy assault on the ears. As Tarin screams ‘don’t step on my territory’, you wouldn’t dare to go against her. With a jarring switch into a slightly pared down bridge, as the guitars and bass start to play a rhythmic riff as opposed to the wall of sound from before, ‘Territory’ is a short snap of anger that rounds off this EP as the perfect introduction to Sanguine. The EP leaves you wanting more, but not in a negative way; you want to hear what else Sanguine can do. And with a new album, Sanguine, released on February 6th, we won’t have to wait long to find out.


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