Sleepless Swans – My Life Lived In Reverse [2010]

Band: Sleepless Swans
Album: My Life Lived In Reverse EP
Release year: 2010
Genre: Blackened Doom Metal/Yorkshire Metal

Sleepless Swans is the blackened doom project of Elliot Vernon [Windrider, Ravenage]. The debut release “My Life Lived In Reverse” was released back in 2010 and is available for free download via the band’s Facebook page.

The EP begins with the soberly named “The Light Will Blind Us All”. The song takes on a very doom metalesque sound with a good use of cold, sobering vocals – Much like that of Swallow The Sun. The solid use of slow, haunting and melodic riffs help create a dark mood through the music while the use of clean vocals sound like the droning of some of the vocal work on a My Dying Bride release (A good thing, I assure you of that). “Birdsong” picks up the tempo a bit but keeps true to the solemn sound echoing throughout the EP. While the guitars seem more full of life due to the tempo, they still blast out a certain sadness, mixing well with Elliot’s vocal work.

The EP takes a turn down a darker forest of musical goodness that is “Veiled In Black And White”. The guitars ring out a tune of dismay and desolation whilst the vocals belt out blackened torment adding to the brooding sound of both the EP and the song. The EP comes to a grim and daunting end with “The Blue Hour”, a song that shows a lot of doom metal influence in the bass and drum work as well as the guitars. One thing I noticed with this last song was the feeling of emptiness it can cause to the listener along with the lack of vocal work. I’ve never been a fan of instrumentals but “The Blue Door” is definitely a masterpiece. The varying riffs just seem to merge together like goldshlager and jagermeister to make a sweet mixture – Only in this case, a sweet musical mixture.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been one for doom metal – except for the occasional listen to Paradise Lost or My Dying Bride – but “My Life Lived In Reverse” has surprised me and it’s definitely one worth getting. The guitar riffs seem like they reach into the soul and pluck one’s darkest emotions and fears. Hopefully, we’ll all be hearing more from Sleepless Swans in the future – and maybe even see them play a few shows as well.


Nico Davidson

One Response to “Sleepless Swans – My Life Lived In Reverse [2010]”

  1. Mario Alberto Barba Martinez Says:

    This is an interesting project, I like it a lot.

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