Edenshade – Stendhal Got That Close

Band: Edenshade
Album: Stendhal Got That Close
Release year: 2011
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

‘Stendhal Got That Close’ is the third full length release from the Italian melodic death metal band Edenshade.

The first track ‘Need’ features some Megadeth-style vocals along with some very average sounding melodeath guitar elements and a bizarre ambient noise part towards the end. It’s a very strange mix and not in a good way. ‘Seven Days Are Gone’ starts off promisingly only to be wrecked by whiny vocals that I wouldn’t even permit inside a torture chamber. Oh please will you stop apologising for your existence and stick to the guitar solos!

Not only does the next track ‘Everything I Painted You’ not make any grammatical sense, it also offers more of the same depressing whiny vocals with just one short guitar solo to compensate for it. Just when I thought this couldn’t get any worse they add an equally pathetic sounding ambient track ‘Consequences’ featuring some badly executed electronica, random samples, keyboards and violins.

The next few tracks follow the same pattern of average melodic death metal and more whiny, depressing vocals with the occasional decent guitar solos and good intros such as: ‘Caress’ and ‘Another Purity Failing’. There are more surprises here such as the keyboards parts in ‘Building A Bomb For a Lover’ and the electronic parts of ‘Airplanes and Her’ which remind me more of late career Nine Inch Nails than any melodic death metal!

1.5/5 –I’ve just had chocolate so I’m in a generous mood!

Iza Raittila

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