Paganizer – Into The Catacombs

Band: Paganizer 
Album: Into The Catacombs
Release: October 2011
Genre: Deathmetal
Just like the bird phoenix, Paganizer arose from bad to worse when the former armadas Terminal Grip and Blizzard during the late nineties was buried in the Swedish black soil. With a host of cruel masterpiece on his conscience as Promoting Total Death (2001), Carnage Junkie (2008), sold Death Metal veterans last cruel bellicose masterful epic act – dynamite charge “Into The Catacombs” via Cyclone Empire to the world in autumn 2011. The album Into The Catacombs is an ultraviolent creations bursting with brutal adorable sound for the ears and blast beats that certainly goes straight into the bone marrow, synchronized with the promise of related chaos .. A married to an addictive effect .. Much like Vomitory, Centinex .. Setherial, Dark Funeral .. In other words, it is extremely rare to experience a supply of a total of eminent eargasm leaving in a withdrawal-like state when the last sound wave petered out in the ether …With the Swedish flag welded to the cap, thunders the bellicose platoon consisting of the demonic army: guitarist/ vokiller Rogge Johansson, Jocke Ringdahl ( drumming master from 1998 to 2000 / 2010) Anders Brisbane Heim (infernal bassist 2010 -), Dea Karlsson Leadguitars (1998 – ) over the “Vägråttor” and other vermin who happens to get in panzarmobiles way … straight into the underground catacombs so that the metal pieces crushing the invisible barriers that may exist.


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