Grai – O Zemle Rodnoy

Band: Grai
Album: O Zemle Rodnoy
Release year: 2011
Genre: Folk Metal

‘O Zemle Rodnoy’ (About Native Land) is the second album from the Russian folk metal band Грай, also known as Grai.

The first track ‘Pesn’ o Zemle Rodnoy’ features some very catchy folk melodies and a good chorus. The following track ‘Pshenychnaya’ features some infectiously catchy flute tunes which reminds me of their (now defunct) fellow countrymen Pagan Reign with the addition of female vocals. In contrast to this, ‘Zimnaya Skazka’ is somewhat slower, more melancholic in nature and sets a tranquil atmosphere akin to that of a lullaby for a long, cold winter night.

‘Vesna’ marks a return to the catchy folk tunes which force you to get up and dance! The latter is guaranteed to be a hit with folk metal fans and most summer festival goers. Other highlights include: ‘Leshak’, which features a male vocalist growling alongside the female singer with some interesting keyboard tunes thrown in for good measure; the epic anthem ‘Uchody dalyoko, gore’ and the festival-friendly folk metal track ‘Voin hrabryi, Yasnyi Sokol’. The latter is quite possibly the best song on the album.

‘Plach o dolyushke’ features some good guitar solos which make it stand out as the most metal track on here.

The final track ‘Vstavay s kolen!’ continues with the same formula of catchy, happy, folk metal marking an end to what has been a very enjoyable album. So here it is, Grai’s ‘O Zemle Rodnoy’ coming soon to a summer festival near you!

Iza Raittila

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