Primal- Deathzone

Release year: 2011

Primal is a solo project of a Polish black metal artist known as PrimalOne. ‘Deathzone’ is his debut album and follows two demos and one split release.

The opening track ‘Angel’s Hatred’ has a deceptively slow, atmospheric intro which leaves the listener completely unprepared for the Marduk-esque ferocity that follows. And here’s me thinking that this was going to sound like Graveland!!! How wrong could I be?

To add to the overall confusion, the following track ‘Wrath of The God’ is not only slower in pace, but it also features some very strange, experimental guitar riffs towards the end of the song. The title track is somewhat more promising with its well executed guitar solos and raw black metal shrieks.

‘Book of Revelation’ starts off well only to be ruined by more experimental guitar noises which are subsequently redeemed by old Mayhem-esque melodies and an overall eerie sound. Oh wait, there’s that weird guitar noise at the end… The biggest letdown on here is the dark ambient track ‘The Prophecy’ which doesn’t seem to fit the rest of the album.

Luckily the next track ‘Liars’ marks a return to the tried and tested formula of raw black metal with the rather unfortunate addition of… yes you guessed it, more experimental guitar noises. ‘Son of the Morning’ offers more of the same eerie, raw black metal sound combined with memorable guitar solos. It’s a classic case of the old magician’s trick where the best is left for last so that it’s the only thing that sticks in your head. If only the rest of the album was this good.

Iza Raittila

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