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Svart Crown on Burning Winter Tour

Posted in News on 31st January 2012 by Nico Solheim-Davidson

French deathened black metal outfit SVART CROWN will be hitting the road with ULCERATE for The Burning Winter Tour.

Dates are as followed:

THU 02 FRA: Reims/Centre Culturel du Crous
FRI 03 HOL: Nijmegen/Merleyn
SAT 04 BEL: Ghent/Frontline
SUN 05 UK: London/Purple Turtle
MON 06 UK: Edinburgh/Bannermans
TUE 07 UK: Liverpool/Lomax
WED 08 UK: Birmingham/Asylum 2
THU 09 FR: Nancy/T.O.T.E.M
FRI 10 GER: Halle/Marktwirtschaft
SAT 11 GER: Berlin/K17
SUN 12 POL: Krakow/Kazamaty Club
MON 13 CZ: Praha/Black Pes Club
TUE 14 CZ: Ostrava/Barrak Musik Klub
WED 15 Slovakia: Kosice/Collosseum Club
THU 16 Slovenia: Ljubjana/Orto Bar
FRI 17 ITA: Padova/Tacu Tacu Club
SAT 18 ITA: Cesena/Big Barré
SUN 19 FRA: Montpellier/Secret Place
MON 20 SWI: Lyss/Kufa
TUE 21 GER: Trier/Exhaus
WED 22 DAN: Copenhagen/Club Loppen
THU 23 GER: Bremen/Romer
FRI 24 GER: Bad Oeynhausen/Black Sabbath
SAT 25 GER: A Sultan’s Night/ Ludwigshafen

Warhorns Fest Line-up Revealed

Posted in News on 31st January 2012 by Nico Solheim-Davidson

The line-up Warhorns Festival, booked for 21st-22nd September, has recently been revealed. The line-up, so far includes:

Wolfchant (Germany)
Nothgard (Germany)
Annwn (Wales)
Ravenage (England)
Old Corpse Road (England)
Windrider (England)
Cryptic Age (England)

More details to follow.

Barren Earth: “THE DEVIL’S RESOLVE” set to be unleashed!

Posted in News with tags , , , , , on 30th January 2012 by Nico Solheim-Davidson

The Devil’s Resolve is the studio album from the fast-rising Finnish maestros of progressive death and doom metal, Barren Earth.

The sophomore album from the Finnish metal titans is set from release March 12th via Peaceville Records. The new album comes two years after the release of their debut The Curse of the Red River, which made a massive impact upon its release with fans and critics alike. The Devil’s Resolve is said to take the listener across musical landscapes utilising the trademark sounds of Barren Earth including brutal riffs, gloomy growls, with some extra pieces such as… No, not that… Bagpipes (Courtesy of Jaakko Lemmetty from Korpiklaani)! And if that’s not good enough for you… There will also be an appearance of Mathias Lillmåns from Finntroll who shall be providing guest vocals.

Artwork comes courtesy of renowned artist Paul Romano (Mastodon).


Passing of the Crimson Shadows
The Rains Begin
Vintage Warlords
As It Is Written
The Dead Exiles
Oriental Pyre
White Fields
Where All Stories End
Martyrs of Devotion (Special Edition only)
World in Haze (Special Edition only)

To pre-order the new album:


Bulletproof w/Fable @ Hollywood and Vine, Hull

Posted in Gig, Live with tags , , , , on 29th January 2012 by Nico Solheim-Davidson

Bands: Bulletproof, Fable
Location: Hollywood and Vine, Hull
Date: 27th January 2012

The show originally had four bands on the bill: Clown Corpse (whom I was really looking forward to see), Promethium, Bulletproof and Fable. Unfortunately, Clown Corpse had dropped off the bill [something about a member being ill] and Promethium had been delayed by an accident on the M62 and so had arrived and played after I’d left the venue to head for home.

Fable started up the night, beginning with a cover of Queens Of The Stone Age’s “Go With The Flow”. I’ve never been a fan of QOTSA, so I found this cover to be more entertaining than that of the original. They continued the set with an average rendition of “I Feel Like A Monster” by Three Days Grace [I think]. The rest of their set was built up by covers – though I’m not so sure about the fourth song they played. The vocals through out the entire set seemed to go from strong sounding to more weak throughout several of the songs, which is a shame since the frontman has potential. The only other thing that irked me about Fable’s set was the lack of energy and charisma, though it was their first gig so the nerves might have affected the overall performance.

After a long hour or so, Bulletproof made their way to the stage at long last though we were all left waiting a bit longer as some photographer was preventing the band from playing by getting in their faces with his camera, though the frontman didn’t seem that bothered by it. When they finally began playing, they took us all by surprise with a great use of riffs and strong clean vocals – except for the shouting-like vocals. The drummer displayed a lot of talent, keeping his sections tight. The highlight of their performance was that of a song called “Bacon Strips”. Bulletproof finished off with an almost perfect rendition of Motorhead’s “Rock Out” and a brutalising version of “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath.

As I stated above, I had left before Promethium had arrived at the venue, so I missed their set which is disappointing since I’ve heard their recorded material and quite enjoyed it. Bulletproof are definitely a band I’d recommend people to go see, as are Fable.

Nico Davidson

Anachronaeon – The Ethereal Throne (2012)

Posted in CD, Metal with tags , , on 27th January 2012 by bkemeny92

Band: Anachronaeon
Album: The Ethereal Throne
Release date: January, 2012
Genre: Dark Metal
Label: Stygian Crypt Productions

Concept albums. You rarely come across these nowadays, don’t you?
“The Ethereal Throne”, Anachronaeon’s fourth album, is one of them though.
The Swedish duo describes their music as dark metal, and I find this term highly accurate,
as “The Ethereal Throne” could hardly be filed under mere melodic black or death metal, there are
so many more influences, but the concept’s and the lyrics’ mood makes dark metal a perfect
marker for this release. If I had to compare it to anything I could only mention Evemaster,
as they share the conceptuality and darkness in their releases.

So, imagine a man, blinded by religion, eager to do anything for the success of his quest
earning the Ethereal Throne, thus reserving a pleasant afterlife for himself.
The lyrics represent the diary of this man, describing his twisted mind, and his dark deeds,
and the story goes on and on leading to this man’s demise. The story is perfect, it caught me
right from the start and remained truly interesting until the end. I won’t spoil any more of it,
hear it for yourself.

As for the music itself it’s clear that Patrik (vocals/guitars/bass) and Andreas (drums) are skilled
musicians, and their music perfectly fits the lyrical concept. Dark lead melodies with fierce
tremolo picking are common through the entire piece as much as heavy rhythm guitars and
Iron Maiden-ish lead harmonies. Also, the music screams for oldschoolness, and I mean it as a compliment.
Amongst today’s overtechnical sweep based soloing concepts, there are a rare few, who
follows the old ways, and Patrik’s lead playing is like a blast from the past,
containing melodic runs and eighties tapping for example.
Unfortunately, sometimes the riffs and chord progressions are the bit overused ones,
and there are some really, I must say, boring rhythm guitar parts, and
the occasionally entering additional keyboard passages in the background are there
just to remind the listener how much it could enhance the atmosphere if they would have been used more.
Also, the music didn’t catch me that much. After I’ve listened through the album twice, I was still
a captive of the story, but could hardly remember any of the music.
I find the album is the strongest in the middle, and I think the best songs in the record are
“The Whereabouts Of My Father” and “Defying My Master”, but if you only plan to listen to some songs,
you’ll miss the strongest aspect of this album, the story, so do yourself a favor, and listen to it
from the beginning, ’till the end.

– perfect story
– lead guitar work

– can only be listened to as a whole
– many overused or boring rhythm guitar riffs
4/5 – A great concept makes this album a good one.

Bálint Kemény

CENTURIAN set to record new album

Posted in News with tags , , , , , , on 27th January 2012 by Nico Solheim-Davidson

The Dutch death metal formation that are CENTURIAN will start recording their third full-length album, titled Contra Rationem, on April 27th together with producer/sound-engineer Jo Peeters (Aborted, Heaven Shall Burn, Severe Torture) and Ralph Timmermans (Mindpark) at the We Are (Music) Junkies recording studio in Eindhoven. The album will be released by Listenable Records and will be the first studio release after 11 years – way to make us wait for a new release, eh?

Rob Oorthuis, founding member and writer/composer of CENTURIAN, commented: “The new record should appeal anyone who is prepared to die for his stands. Believe nothing, dare all!”

A few song titles include: Judas Among Twelve, Adversus, The Will Of The Torch, Thou Shallt Bleed For The Lord Thy God, Antinomian, Feast Of The Cross.

Click here for the video of Centurian rehearsing the new song: Judas Among Twelve.

Sticky Boys listening hard!

Posted in News with tags , , , on 27th January 2012 by Nico Solheim-Davidson

The explosive French hard rock trio The Sticky Boys have recently signed a multi-album deal to Listenable Records. The dynamitic live act have rocked cities and clubs all over their native land and gathered mosh pits at HELLFEST back in 2011. The band have even had one of their songs chosen to appear in a TV advert [which can be viewed here] by the French national railroad company (SNCF), which was filmed live at Paris Eastern.