Hybr1d 3rror- F1n4l 3rror

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Band: Hybr1d 3rror
Album: F1n4l 3rror
Release year: 2011
Genre: Industrial/ Harsh EBM/

F1n4l 3rror is the 4th album from this industrial artist. Like all of Hybr1d 3rror’s releases this one is available to download for free from his Sound Cloud page and has been promoted via both Facebook and Vampire Freaks.

The first track ‘Todesstrafe (Hybr1d D4nc3 M1x)’ features the signature mix of ambient, atmospheric melodies and eletronica which sets the scene for the rest of the album. The instrumental version of ‘World of Violence’ is more dance-floor orientated and reminds me of the works of other Aggrotech artists, namely Grendel and C-Lekktor.

The title track ‘F1n4l 3rror’ continues with the formula set by ‘Todesstrafe(Hybr1d D4nc3 M1x’ with the addition of some industrial sounds which give it a somewhat ‘raw’ feel. Luckily for HyBr1d 3rror, the rawness of the song only adds to its appeal setting it apart from a sea of polished EBM songs created solely for the dance floor. ‘A Limited Resource’ has the perfect balance of ambience and a catchy synth tunes. Same can be said for ‘From Birth to Death’.

The undisputed highlight of the album is the ultra catchy ‘Nightmares’ which is infectiously addictive and has enormous potential as a club anthem. Other highlights include the vocalized version of ‘World of Violence’ and war themed ‘Eine Ursache für Krieg’. These two demonstrate HyBr1d 3rror’s willingness to experiment and add new dimensions to his music be it vocals or film samples. Hopefully this is something he will continue to do in the future.

The album also features a newly revised (Re +Dominated) version of the title track from the first album ‘Domination Process’ which seems like the perfect way to end the album. Overall this is a very good release.
Iza Raittila

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