Andraste – The Secret Valley [2011]

Band: Andraste
Album: The Secret Valley
Release year: 2011
Genre: Folk Metal

‘The Secret Valley’ is the debut album from the Manchester based folk metal band Andraste.

The album reveals an Ensiferum influence particularly evident in the vocal styles on ‘Sail Out Fly Away’ well as the catchy, ‘epic’ choruses on tracks such as the opener ‘Jotunheim’ and the guitar intro to ‘Shield Ring’. The use of the whistle in the tracks ‘Honour in This/ The Rights of Man’ and the ultra catchy ‘Enchantress’ reminds me of various Irish folk metal bands especially Waylander.

Highlights include: the aforementioned ‘Enchantress’, which is destined to attract the attention of folk metal fans with its Celtic melodies and good guitar solos infused with an epic chorus; and the battle themed ‘Forsaken Warrior’ which combines the epic elements of Ensiferum with the Celtic sounds of Waylander. Who would have thought that a Nordic-Irish combination would prove to be a winning formula for folk metal?

Overall, ‘The Secret Valley’ is everything that you would expect a folk metal album to be- catchy, epic sounding and best suited for a metal festival in the summer. I just hope that there is a place for Andraste in this overcrowded market.

Iza Raittila

One Response to “Andraste – The Secret Valley [2011]”

  1. Pedazo de disco buenísimo, la producción es un poco más flojo, pero el nivel compositivo es de OBRA MAESTRA.

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