Interview: Stefan Schmidt [2011]

Van Canto have been on the rise for the past few years, entertaining their fans with their unique acapella metal. Nico sits down with Stefan from Van Canto for a quick chat.


Nico: Are there any plans for a UK tour?

Stefan: Not yet, we have been there for the first time during the Out of the Dark tour and it was great. So we will sure come back but right now there  is nothing planned.

N: How did you get the idea of forming an acapella power metal band?

S: After the split of our former bands we wanted to do something vocal oriented. We started trying things out in the studio and it turned out as a metal a cappella band.

N: Are there any challenges with emulating your voices to act as instruments? If so, what are they?

S: Well, yeah, there are, especially for the guitar and bass singers there are many tones without having the time to breath very much.

N: What’s it like having only one female member?

S: I’m not female, so for me it’s ok, haha. No, serious, Inga loves being in the band and we all take care for her.

N: What was it like working with Joakim Broden?

S: Great guy, great singer, professional musician. Perfect.

N: Is your unique sound inspired by your home country or is it more European flavoured, in your own opinion?

S: It is inspired by melodic metal bands, no matter where they are from.

N: This next one is a fan question, so don’t shoot me for any inaccuracy with it. How come you mainly perform covers?

S: Well, we don’t. We released 4 albums with 44 songs of which 13 are covers, so 75% of our songs are self written.

N: On average, how long does it to put something new together?

S: Until now it took us about 20 months for a new album

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