Changes To Band Of The Month Voting

During in the early hours of this morning, it came to attention that there was cheating going on regarding the Band of the Month voting. At first we were skeptical about it until we saw a band – who hadn’t even announced they were in the voting – go from one vote to just over three hundred votes.

We are deeply saddened by the cheating that has gone on as we are trying to help bands gain exposure and fans – Something we can’t do if people are going to ruin it for others. Rather than cancel the Band of the Month segment, the team will randomly select a band for the time being, until we find a rig-proof voting system which on the world wide web will be extremely difficult.

We do thank everyone who has participated in the voting and we are sorry that your hard work has gone to waste like this. The randomly selected Band of the Month will be announced November 1st.

4 Responses to “Changes To Band Of The Month Voting”

  1. O_o Isn’t there honest people anymore?! Jeez!

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